Why startups spend a lot on logo design

Currently, the design industry is estimated at over 18,000 crore in India alone and growing rapidly. We are constantly growing at a time when startups are all set to revolutionize the global economy, and logo design is the key element that helps them in the very first step of creating a remarkable visual brand identity. It is essential for a budding startup to stand out from the rest of its competitors, and to achieve this, the first necessity is to create a unique Logo that becomes the brand identity for the long term. Naturally, this generation of startups are not shy about investing a large portion of their budget in designing innovative, impactful, and inspiring logos for their startups that possess the power to transform their business into the world-class brand of tomorrow.

In India, the wave of scalable startups is surging and poised to shape a robust and dynamic future. In such a crowded market, your brand’s visual identity gives you

– A competitive advantage,

– Communicate your business vision,

– And grabs direct attention, which equates to a strong impression and increased traffic, helping you dominate the niche market.

With such demand, today’s market is flooded with free online logo maker sites, shortening the logo design process. However, custom logos have their own charm. Designers put all their hard work, expertise, and knowledge into creating a high-quality logo that represents your company‘s vision and values. Significant effort lies in the thought process behind the Logo. It communicates a message to your customers that your startup is professional and trustworthy. A professional can easily associate your products or services with the Logo so that customers can associate your Logo with your brand. Reducing this can negatively affect your startup’s visual identity.

4 things to note when creating the logo

Give space to breathe.

A minimal composition of the logo makes it easy for viewers to focus on the highlighted elements, making it less complex and increasing visual interest for viewers. For example, the Apple logo is simple at its best! The logo design is minimal, smart, and appropriate. In 1997, Rob Janoff, the logo designer behind, included a bite mark for the scale so people wouldn’t mistake an apple for a cherry!

Color psychology art.

The color of a logo says a lot about its brand. Studies indicate that a particular hue can trigger particular emotions. Blue is ideal for businesses in the service industry as the color evokes feelings of loyalty, trust and peace. For example, Zomato’s classic red logo, the color red is said to cause increased appetite and heart rate, while evoking strong emotions of excitement. The reason the “Order Now” button on apps is mostly red!

Plan ahead.

Be sure to avoid intricate, intricate designs so that your logo is clearly identifiable even when used in tight spaces. For example, Google’s bright tricolor logo is easily recognizable even when scaled down to fit in compact spaces. It can be easily identified when paired with other brand logos. It also has a Monogram logo, which is just the initial letter “G” in the brand name!

Acceptable formats.

Always have a variety of formats at hand. Like a horizontal, a vertical, and a symbol or icon logo are must-have formats along with a PNG, a raster image file (with a transparent or semi-transparent background) that is needed for digital applications. For example, Twitter’s secondary logo has an icon as the centerpiece with no background that can grab more attention on a white background.

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