WhatsApp Communities feature allows admins to manage group chats more efficiently by linking them together

The new WhatsApp Communities feature is currently in development after being spotted on the messaging app’s beta.

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A leaked screenshot shows what consumers can see in the new WhatsApp beta. Recently, WhatsApp has encountered several issues due to the data sharing habits of its parent company.

For this reason, many consumers have decided to use other alternatives. While this is the case, the Meta-owned app is still striving to further improve its platform.

WhatsApp Communities Details

According to 9TB5MacAccording to WhatsApp’s latest report, the new WhatsApp Communities feature can help administrators manage their group chats more efficiently.

WhatsApp Communities feature allows admins to manage group chats more efficiently by linking them together

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – FEBRUARY 19: Facebook and WhatsApp logos seen displayed on portable electronic devices on February 19, 2014 in San Francisco City. Facebook Inc. has announced that it will buy smartphone messaging app company WhatsApp Inc. for $19 billion in cash and stock.

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This new function offers two advantages, which are as follows:

  • WhatsApp communities can send announcements to all members of a community group chat.
  • WhatsApp Communities allows admins to add the groups they manage in one place for easy access.

These two features mean that administrators can also send messages to all their GCs at the same time. Experts have described the new Communities feature as a private place for admins to have safer conversations.

On top of that, you can also easily differentiate chat boxes from communities as they have square icons instead of circular icons, which is the norm for normal group chats.

If you want to see more details about the new inbuilt feature of WhatsApp, you can view this link.

Other New WhatsApp Features

Communities’ group chat isn’t the only improvement to the giant messaging platform. Trade standard reported that WhatsApp has also rolled out a new calling interface.

However, this feature is not yet available worldwide. Only selected Android users can access this new feature. The new feature offers waveforms that will allow users to identify the speaker when it comes to operating.

This new feature was spotted on Beta version of WhatsApp.

In other news, Whatsapp Android Beta Voice Notes feature is coming soon. Meanwhile, a new WhatsApp scam may lead to identity theft! For this reason, security experts are now warning consumers to take additional security measures.

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