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Batman has had multiple Robins over the years, but some fans may be wondering who is in the role in Knights of Gotham. As Batman’s sidekick, it will be strange to control the Boy Wonder without the Dark Knight. The character is often portrayed as continuing support for Batman and preventing him from going too far in his quest for justice. Without Batman, Robin’s character development will certainly change dramatically from others Batman-inspired games. However, like most superhero sidekicks, Robin’s role has been occupied by several characters over the years, each introducing a unique personality and skills. In order for players to fully understand Robin, they must first understand his identity and where he comes from.


Knights of Gotham occurs after Batman’s death, with Gotham City scrambling to keep its supervillains and crime rate under control. Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin must fulfill the legacy left by their mentor and face some of the city’s deadliest threats. Villains like Mr. Freeze take advantage of Batman’s absence to carry out their criminal plots, threatening to destroy the city for their own benefit. However, organizations like the Court of Owls pose the greatest challenge to Gotham’s new protectors. Players can engage in single-player or co-op modes as favorite members of the Batfamily, including Batman’s latest Robin.

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Casual Batman fans are probably unaware of the many people who became Robin and the effect each had on the Dark Knight. Many probably know Dick Grayson, the first Robin, or Tim Drake, the Robin used in the Batman arkham series. While there are pros and cons to Batman’s death in Knights of Gotham, the death of the Dark Knight will certainly have a profound impact on his last Robin. Although only one playable character currently owns the title Robin, there are a total of three Robins in Knights of Gotham, who are all members of the Batman family by adoption.

Gotham Knights uses Tim Drake’s Robin

Despite the initial debate among some fans about Robin’s identity, WB Games has confirmed that Tim Drake is the current Robin, not Damian Wayne. Tim Drake is the third Robin and frequently used in many Batman DC series and games (such as Young justice and Batman arkham). Born into the Drake family, Tim Drake is a member of Gotham’s upper elite who infers the identities of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as Batman and Robin. Upon Jason Todd’s death, he noticed the sudden change in aggressiveness in Batman’s usual crime-fighting tactics and tried to convince Batman to take him on as his next protege. After strong belief and training, Tim Drake became Batman’s third Robin.

Robin by Tim Drake in Knights of Gotham uses a variety of cool abilities, including a short-range teleportation movement skill by connecting to the Justice League satellite. He is the youngest playable character of the four, still striving to make his mark on Gotham City in the absence of his mentor. Unlike Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl, Robin uses a stick for melee play and combat in Knights of Gotham and demonstrates an aptitude for behavioral science and psychological profiling. While his brothers may prefer brute force to solve any problem, this Robin has proven that intelligence can be as practical as a force in the war on crime.

Nightwing from Gotham Knights was Robin

Gotham Knights Nightwing character

While Tim Drake may currently fill the role of Robin, Batman first created the position to welcome Dick Grayson and train him to overcome the trauma of his parents’ deaths. The bright colors and the name “Robin” come from a nickname and dreamy outfit that Dick Grayson developed at Haly’s Circus. Dick initially struggled with Bruce’s lack of affection and moral choices, but the couple developed into a vibrant duo for many years. Unfortunately, their conflicts contributed to a serious division between the two vigilantes. After a final fight, Dick Grayson stepped down from his role as Robin and invested time in his Titans squad. He later became Nightwing in Batman arkham, Knights of Gotham, and many other comical continuities.

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While Nightwing no longer takes on the role of Robin, there are clues from his training with Batman that survive in his superhero identity. While his acrobatics originated from Haly’s Circus as Flying Grayson, Batman continued to develop his urban skills. In Batman’s wake, Nightwing has become a full-fledged leader of the new vigilante team. He uses dual escrima sticks as his melee weapon of choice, preferring them over basic melee combat. The branding on his chest maintains some familiarity with the Bat symbol and references the Flying Graysons logo to connect with his biological family. As the first Robin, it has been many years since Nightwing worked alongside Batman in Knights of Gotham, but the legacy of the Dark Knight influenced his arsenal and fighting style.

The Red Hood of Gotham Knights is the Robin who died

Gotham Knights Red Hood Alley

Red Hood is the last Robin in Knights of Gotham, and was the second to fill the role. Unlike Dick Grayson, Jason struggled to strike a balance between punishing criminals and bringing them to justice. The young boy excelled in school and thrived in a stable family life, but his temper often put him at odds with Batman. While Dick Grayson and Tim Drake have enjoyed varying levels of success over the course of their Robin careers, Jason Todd is often considered Batman’s greatest failure. Sadly, Jason’s temperament and unwavering sense of justice are untamed by his years spent alongside Batman, and his untimely death prevents him from further developing in a family environment. Fortunately, Red Hood is experiencing independent growth in Knights of Gotham and successfully rekindles her relationship with the Batfamily before Batman passed away. This reconciliation contributes to a significant change in the character of Red Hood.

Batman’s second Robin is the only member of the Batfamily to use guns, a tool Batman has hated since his parents died. Although Red Hood usually kills his opponents, after reconciling with Batman, he adopted non-lethal methods to fight crime. In addition to firearms, Jason Todd uses his impressive strength and other high-tech weapons available in the Knights of Gotham Belfry. It’s unclear how much Batman’s death will affect the former Robin, especially since the Dark Knight may have played a role in Red Hood’s non-lethal methods.

While Tim Drake is the current Robin and hero of Knights of Gotham, it’s possible that players will explore his growth into Red Robin or Drake (his superhero identities in the comics) as Knights of Gotham is progressing. Unlike Nightwing, who uses his story in acrobatics, and Red Hood, who relies on brute force and guns, Robin relies on stealth and intelligence. In many ways, his tactics are closest to Batman’s fighting styles, making him a prime candidate to become Gotham’s next protector (and possibly the next Batman). Knights of Gotham doesn’t have a set release date, but WB Games plans to release the title at some point in 2022.

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