What is the release date of the adidas x Balenciaga Triple S? Here’s what we know

Several leaked images have emerged from the long rumored adidas x Balenciaga Triple S collaboration, leaving many fans wondering when we might hear a release date announced by either brand.

The leaks came shortly after the Gucci x adidas Gazelle went live following the announcement of the two brands’ collaboration in 2022.

Balenciaga and Gucci collaborations join a series of designer and sportswear partnerships this year, like Off-White teaming up with Nike to launch Air Force 1s, or New Balance teaming up with BAPE to launch new 57 sneakers. /40.

While there are many exciting sneaker collaborations in the works, we’re only focusing on the adidas x Balenciaga Triple S release in this article. So, without further ado, let’s dive into…

What is the release date of the adidas x Balenciaga Triple S?

As of now, neither adidas nor Balenciaga have revealed any information regarding the Triple S release date.

However, most reports believe that these sneakers will debut as part of a larger collection in 2022although the exact date remains a mystery.

More information will likely be revealed once adidas or Balenciaga release official images of the sneakers, so be sure to check back with us to catch up on the latest news here.

adidas x Balenciaga Triple S Design

When rumors of the Balenciaga Triple S collaboration first emerged, early images of the sneakers were widely believed to be fake.

Since then, however, several new images have surfaced that seem to confirm the original leaks are accurate.

The trainers appear to be made primarily from white leather, with the three adidas stripes to the sides dressed in contrasting black as a nod to the Superstar’s.

There are a few mesh areas, however, including the toe box, which also features the number 41, and the side and medial collars.

Balenciaga branding can be found in several places on these trainers. First, you will find the printed logo just below the stripes on the lateral sides.

You’ll also find the brand name placed just below the adidas Trefoil logo on the black heel counters.

To complement the typical Balenciaga fashionable design, you also get chunky stacked midsoles dressed in a combination of white, black and gray rubber.

This should give you plenty of support and cushioning, making these trainers a great choice for everyday wear.

As an aside, be sure to check Pancake Protect and our guide to cleaning leather shoes here if you’re looking to keep your sneakers fresh.

adidas x Balenciaga Triple S Price

With very little information available, it’s hard to say exactly how much these Balenciaga x adidas sneakers will cost.

Generally speaking, the Triple S model sells for around the $1,000 mark, with Balenciaga being one of the biggest designer brands in the fashion industry.

It’s unclear at this point if the brand’s adidas collab will match that retail price, so be sure to stay tuned for more.

Where to buy the adidas x Balenciaga Triple S

Choosing a high-end collaboration like these adidas x Balenciaga sneakers can be notoriously difficult.

However, we think one of the first places you’re likely to find an ad will be at Balenciaga store, presumably under the Triple S collection.

Alternatively, you can find a list at adidas store under new arrivals subsection on release day.

If neither succeeds, you can also keep an eye on the resale market at StockX.

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