Weekend Travel Guide: Seattle |

The winter term can be tough for many University of Oregon students. With gloomy weather and incessant downpours, it can be hard to lift your spirits. Escape Eugene and venture to a new city will help cure your winter blues, and lucky for you, Seattle is a pleasant drive away.

Just five hours north of Eugene is Seattle, Washington. Home to the Space Needle, Pike Place and the new Glossier store, Emerald City has no shortage of sightseeing and shopping. Take your friends, partner or parents for a weekend getaway. Airbnb has hundreds of rentals where you can enjoy all Seattle has to offer, or opt for a more traditional hotel stay.

Your journey to Seattle can be made even more enjoyable with a stop in Portland. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, it can be difficult to choose just one. Sweedeedee is a breakfast and lunch cafe that will delight you for the rest of your road trip. With a changing menu of French toast or penne pasta, Sweedeedee has something for everyone.

When arriving in Emerald City, it’s good to know that Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square are just two downtown locations where you can find shopping and the best restaurants in Seattle, and are a short walk from the famous Pike Place Market. . Pike Place Market is the perfect activity to do any time of the day. Filled with breweries, local markets, the famous fish throw and the very first Starbucks, you can sightsee and shop all day long.

A short walk from Pike Place Market is Macrina’s Bakery. Initially attracted by its storefront and unique logo design, Macrina offers breads, pastries, breakfast items and a lunch menu with multiple locations. With many unique menu combinations like chicken pot pie and banh mi sandwich, Macrina will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Seattle is also home to the Tacoma Dome and the Seattle Seahawks. Being able to travel to Seattle for a concert – like Justin Bieber, Celine Dion or Dierks Bentley all performing this winter – or catching a Seahawks game can even add more adventure to an already hectic weekend.

Spend your winter semester discovering what the surrounding area has to offer. In the darker, colder days of this quarter, it can be nice to expand your horizons and get away from it all. Getting out of Eugene for a weekend will make your year even more eventful and help you expand your adventure-based horizons!

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