Warner Bros. Discovery is now officially a company: Here is its logo

With the WarnerMedia-Discovery deal officially closed on Friday, April 8, 2022, the new company unveiled its official logo (after some online speculation as to what it would look like) and corporate site.

Turns out the new Warner Bros. logo. Discovery was the one that Variety originally obtained and which aired in select internal communications throughout the day on April 8 before the deal closed.

However, it does not appear to use the purple star background as a standard branding element, although purple is used as one of several accent colors for the new branding.

The shape of the ‘WB’ shield which was redesigned in 2019 appears to be similar to the one originally aired and also brings back the classic gold and blue color scheme which has become familiar to many movie fans thanks to the production vanity card at the start of Warner Bros. films.

The shield has been slightly “smashed” and the company name is spelled out in a humanistic geometric sans that appears to be Geometric 415. It has also been given a slight gradient effect, mimicking the gold look used in the classic version.

This font features distinctive “W”s and “Ns” with very sharp tips that stick out slightly above the top and baseline.

It resembles in many ways the “classic” NBC and NBC News logo.

Warner Bros. Discovery also picked up the three-character domain wbd.com, but also owns warnerbrosdiscovery.com, which redirects to the former. The corporate.discovery.com and warnermedia.com domains have been updated to explain the new company and links to wbd.com.


He has also secured the handle “wbd” on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The company’s new website uses a mix of blues before moving on to other colors and includes an animated version of the logo that also incorporates animated color effects.

Another common design element are thick borders formed by two L-shaped strokes of different colors.

See the full version on Giphy

The website uses a typeface called Beatrice for most text.

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