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A good rebrand can be rewarded; as even the most well-known brands can do with a refresh to gain visibility and convey new messages and ideals. For new businesses, a rebrand can position them ahead of their competitors. As part of the Creative Bloq Awards 2022, you can vote for the best rebrand of the decade in the Creative Bloq at 10 Awards.

Some big brands have made the best shortlist name change of the decade, including Google, Airbnb and Burger King. The full list of categories can be found on the Creative Bloq at 10 Awards voting page, or head to the Creative Bloq Awards 2022 website for more information on this year’s broader awards and how our lists were created. restricted. Below is the final list of the category’s top names of the decade, so scroll down and vote now!

The best brand change of the decade is an interesting shortlist, with some highlights and a bit of controversy too. For example, we revealed the truth behind Airbnb’s controversial rebrand in 2014 when the new logo was criticized for many reasons, it has since come to be seen as a fantastic rebrand. Google’s controversial new logo has also been criticized for its use of sans-serif, now we love it.

In a similar vein, Instagram’s new logo and font divided the internet when the social media site was renamed earlier this year. It seems like change is never seen as a good thing until it’s time to bed, maybe.

Burger King’s rebranding was a sizzling masterclass in flat design, or so we thought last year when the burger chain’s logo was reworked. The Premier League’s rebranding was seen as a bold move, and you can find out what the design world thought of it in our article, ‘Designers react to the new Premier League logo’.

What stands out clearly from our shortlist for the brand change of the decade is a logo change and the redesign is always controversial and rarely lands without someone being upset. However, you can now have the final say and vote for your best brand change (above).

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