Unused Nintendo Wii logos include serious design offenses

With the Nintendo Switch continuing to top wish lists five years into its life, it can be easy to overlook some of the weird and wonderful consoles that came before it. Nintendo has always had a penchant for unorthodox designs – and it seems that spirit extends to its product logos as well.

Last year saw a slew of unused Nintendo Wii logos resurface – just 14 years after the console was released. The logos, spotted in a Nintendo company manual from 2007, are rendered in a dizzying array of styles – and some are pretty dire. Let’s just say that the designs in our roundup of the best logos are nothing to worry about. But Nintendo is, of course, onto something high right now – check out the best Nintendo Switch deals if you want to check out the best-selling console of recent years.

Thank you, we won’t take any (Image credit: Nintendo)

There is a lot to see here. We have stick figures. We have a lot of points. Wii has many colors. And a whole bunch of typographic styles, from sans serif to downright wavy. Indeed, the final logo seems completely pedestrian compared to some of these offerings.

Unused Nintendo Wii Logo

We think they are holding hands. We hope they hold hands. (Image credit: Nintendo Memories)

Unused Nintendo Wii Logo

Start a new era! (Image credit: Nintendo Memories)

The drawings were shared by Twitter account Nintendo memorabilia, and raged among video game fans. Users reveled in pointing to their favorite creations that never saw the light of day.

Wii logo

The final logo looks almost dull (Image credit: Wii)

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You can find out more about the world of logo design in our guide, and while you’re at it, why not also find out where to find logo design inspiration. And now that we’ve taken a fascinating tour of Nintendo’s past, let’s look to the future – here’s everything we know about the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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