UNC Press reaches century milestone and unveils new logo and branding

Founded in 1922, UNC Press was the first university press in the South and one of the first in the country. The Press’ regional publishing program – aimed at general readers and offering engaging and authoritative work on all aspects of the region’s history and culture, its natural and built environment, its music, its food, its literature, geography, plant and animal life – was widely adopted. in other parts of the country. The press has earned a distinguished reputation over its hundred years of publishing excellent work by the country’s leading scholars, writers and intellectuals, and presenting that work effectively to a wide audience.

Over the years, Press books have won hundreds of prestigious awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, as well as those of many national and international learned societies. Today, UNC Press’s imprint is recognized around the world as a mark of publishing excellence, both for what it publishes and how it publishes.

Because of its respected authors who rely on the press to connect readers with important ideas, the name of the University of North Carolina is published in press books and journals across the country and around the world, in print and digital format.

“The founding of UNC Press in the spring of 1922 was a visionary act that was part of a series of investments made by state and campus leaders to transform A C from a sleepy southern university to the center of gravity of southern study. UNC Press legitimized the study of the South and shared the Southern way of life with the world. From the start, the press identified voices from the region whose stories were neither told nor explained. Some were stories that were simply ignored: stories of Appalachia or about women or agrarian life. Some were stories that made people uncomfortable: books about racial injustice, or about poverty, or about lynching. – John Sherer, Spangler Family Director at UNC Press.

Watch a short video created for the centennial of UNC Press

Sherer adds, “It’s great press, but 100 years hasn’t been easy. The great Depression. The world war. Countless recessions. Our building burned down once. And now the pandemic. But despite this, I am convinced that the best years of the press are yet to come. Despite the pain of the pandemic, we have learned to do remarkable things. Building on previous generations of innovators and the huge success of the team today, the press will survive the next calamity the Fates throw at us. We are working hard now to ensure the University of North Carolina The press remains a vital and progressive force for the university, the state, the region and the world.

Earlier this year, UNC Press unveiled a new logo / brand design to commemorate this anniversary year.

UNC Press’ extensive list of authors includes historians such as John Hope Franklin, Gerda Lerner, Gordon Wood, Mary Kelley, Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, Nell Irvin Painter, Glenda Gilmore, Timothy Tyson, Gary W. Gallagher, Miles Tiya, Laurent Dubois, Cedric Robinson, and Louis A. Pérez Jr.; scholars of American and world religions, including Carl W. Ernst, Anthea Butlerand Catherine Brekus; praised literary writers and critics such as Elizabeth LawrenceCleanth Brooks, Phillis Wheatley, Thomas Wolf, Paul Greenand Wilma Dykeman; prominent scholars of the southern United States Howard Odum at Guillaume Ferris; cookbook and cookbook authors, including Adrian Miller and Bill Neel; and local celebrities such as David Stick, Bill NeelCouncil Mildred (Mama Dip) and Bland Simpson.

UNC Press operates simultaneously in a business environment and in the world of scholarship and ideas, advancing the University of North Carolina The triple mission of the education, research and public service system by publishing first-rate books and journals for students, scholars and general readers.

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