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The Collins Field facelift is officially launched.

By an 8-1 vote, the Stoughton Area School Board approved a contract with Stoughton Trailers that gives the district the green light to go ahead with bids for the turf installation and renovation project of Collins Field, whose construction is expected to begin in 2022. Only Steve Jackson, a member of the board of directors, voted against. Jackson asked the majority of questions about contractual expectations during the pre-vote discussion period.

The authorized deal is only allowed between Stoughton Trailers and the Stoughton Area School District as the project’s other major donors, Keith and Tammy Anderson, are not asking for a contract in anticipation of their $ 1million donation. dollars. Part of this contract between the district is an agreement on how Stoughton Trailers will be recognized for their donation at the main entrance to the grounds with a new entrance that will have the Stoughton Trailers logo backlit on a purple and white sign on either side. camber.

The entrance design to recognize Stoughton Trailers received a warmer reception from board members earlier this month than a previous design showcased in September which would have had part of the Stoughton Trailers logo printed in the end area of ​​the football field.

During the discussion, Board member Mia Croyle asked if, by signing the contract, the district would be forced to implement the design of the main entrance to Collins Field that had been presented to the council more early this month. The board had discussed some changes on the court, such as changing the wording of one of the signs to say “Anderson Complex” and removing the word sports, Croyle gave as an example.

Sullivan responded, saying the contract would require the district to “substantially conform” to the design of the contract, meaning that more minor changes, such as a name change on the sign, could be made as long as that the overall structure of the design remained the same. .

The Collins Field renovation project began in 2019 after Stoughton Trailers announced it would give $ 150,000 as an initial gift, then offered to match an additional $ 350,000 in community donations for the project. The Stoughton Trailers donation stipulated that it was to be used by June 30, 2022, bringing some urgency to the project.

District Commercial Director Erika Pickett has stressed the urgency of the project in previous meetings, saying the district must sign contractual agreements with Stoughton Trailers and submit the project to auction in November.

The Stoughton area school board approved the artificial turf project in March after expressing concerns about maintenance and repair, to which then athletic director Mel Dow assured board members that the maintenance costs were reduced once the infrastructure was in place.

The project received donations from several groups at Stoughton High School, including sports and band recall organizations and many sports teams. In September, the Andersons, who are alumni of the Class of 1981, presented the district with a million dollar donation to the district for renovation.

At the time of the Anderson’s donation, the district had $ 157,000 to raise funds to reach its goal of $ 1.1 million, but with the donation in full by this winter, the district plans to change the bleachers. to add an ADA accessible section near the top and a new press box.

The district was hoping to add a set of bathrooms on the home side of the land, but the cost of adding the facility is greater than the amount of donations received by the district.

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