The Girl Scout logo has a hidden meaning

THE Girl Scout logo has more history behind it than you might think – and it also makes more sense than meets the eye.

The first green Girl Scout emblem by American graphic designer Saul Bass is meant to convey a sense of unity within the girl’s youth organization.


The logo shows the profiles of three girls in the middle of the emblemCredit: Girl Scouts of the USA / Turbologo
The Girl Scouts chapter received its own logo variation in 1978


The Girl Scouts chapter received its own logo variation in 1978Credit: Girl Scouts of the USA / Turbologo

The logo depicts a lucky four-leaf clover symbol with the silhouettes of the profiles of three girls looking into the future – but there’s a lot to be said for the brand’s story.

The Girl Scouts chapter received its own logo variation in 1978, when the green and white cloverleaf emblem first appeared.

The clover shape also resembles the infamous Girl Scout cookies.

The biggest design change over the years has been the placement of the words.

From its inception until 2003, the words “Girl Scouts” were under the shamrock symbol.

Then the emblem became smaller and moved to the left. The color palette shifted to a lighter, more turquoise hue.

In 2010, the dark green color was replaced with its infamous light green, and the words were changed to lowercase so as not to sound too harsh or strict.

“Few brands are strong enough to be identified simply by color or shape, but we have both the unique hue of ‘Girl Scout Green’ and the singular Girl Scout shamrock symbol that works for us,” it reads. on one of the Girl Scout websites.

The green and white of the emblem symbolize energy and growth, while the black font evokes power and reliability, according to 1000 Logos.

Another thing to note is that the three profiles in the logo are smiling as they look to the future, showing that the Girl Scouts organization is reassuring and inspiring.


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