The city’s renaming calls for mixed reviews

Ryan Voth wasn’t quite sure how to feel the first time he saw Winnipeg’s new brand.

The software developer likes the logo design, but saw a heated reaction on social media.

“I think people are going to get into it. I don’t mind the logo at all,” he said. “There’s been a lot of outrage on Twitter and I think it’s probably not as bad as some people think.”

The city’s new slogan and logo “Winnipeg: Made from what’s real” were unveiled Wednesday by Economic Development Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba.

Research and development costs to create the brand were $250,000 and had been ongoing since 2018. The process included input from 700 residents who were able to make suggestions on what the new slogan should be.

Namita Bhatnagar, a marketing professor at the University of Manitoba, thinks it will resonate with her target audience.

“The new logo and new slogan would fall into the realm of sincerity in terms of personality types. They say the city is authentic, sincere and real. If you focus on hospitality and family tourism, I think that it will work out well,” she said.

Bhatnagar focuses on consumer psychology and said the next step for Economic Development Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba should be to continue communicating the meaning of the new brand.

“People tend to take slogans at face value. Some of the comments I’ve seen ask what it means. You have to keep fleshing out the underlying message you’re trying to promote so people understand what it means. what you mean by integrity and being real,” she said.

Kieran Moolchan said he too has seen the backlash on social media, but thinks people will warm to it.

“I don’t personally think it’s the best, but I know I couldn’t have done better. I think we could have been much worse than we did,” he said. “If there’s anything that’s guaranteed on social media, it’s that people will crack jokes.”

Peter George, Managing Director of Mckim Communications Group, helped design the new brand and welcomes any feedback on it.

“The whole point of ‘Made from what’s real’ is that we’re not trying to paint this unrealistic, euphoric image of Winnipeg. We say we have great assets, we have great attractions and it’s a great place to live. , but at the same time we know there are issues and problems with infrastructure and potholes, long cold winters and cars that won’t start.”

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