Supreme x Virgil Abloh MCA Box Logo Tee Set To Release

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Streetwear bosses’ prayers may soon be answered as Supreme and Virgil Abloh’s BOGO “Figures of Speech” t-shirt is set to finally see the light of day.

Photographer, skateboarder and close friend of Abloh, Atiba Jefferson, recently shared a photo celebrating his Emmy nomination wearing the very rare Supreme x Virgil Abloh Box Logo t-shirt.

For streetwear fans, this latest appearance of the sought-after BOGO t-shirt – which sports a Box Logo design inspired by the Pan-African flag – was just another teasing reminder that they’ll never get their hands on the Holy Grail item. . Or, that’s what they think.

According to the streets, the Supreme x Virgil Abloh “MCA” Box Logo t-shirt could see an official release soon from Supreme, with reports of the profits going to Abloh’s famed “Post-Modern” scholarship fund – with whom Highsnobiety had the pleasure of partnering for a capsule collection.

It’s hard to forget one of Supreme’s most coveted BOGO t-shirts, especially when it debuted at Virgil Abloh’s highly acclaimed “Figures of Speech” exhibit at the MCA in Chicago.

Chief Keef, also from Chicago like Abloh, wore the exclusive Supreme x Virgil Abloh t-shirt to make things more legendary, sealing the signed “Love Sosa” letter of endorsement.

Fast forward to 2020, a sample of the BOGO t-shirt lands on Duke’s Archive for a whopping $10,000, with tags stating the shirt was a “second test print” that was “cancelled for the production”.

It’s also worth pointing out that Supreme’s James Jebbia and Virgil Abloh have been longtime creative friends, with the two even engaging in friendly competition for the CFDA Fashion Awards’ 2018 Menswear Designer of the Year (Jebbia won, by the way).

Abloh has never hidden his love for Supreme, often giving the brand cool points for his uncompromising streetwear presence and accessories as his go-to brand for graphic tees.

On Supreme’s beloved t-shirts, he even called the streetwear giant “the best example of A-level thinking, executing and benchmarking for this area of ​​streetwear” in a 2015 interview.

Even after three years of appearing and leaving on the streetwear radar, the Supreme x Virgil Abloh “MCA” Box Logo Tee is easily a must-have for Supreme and all-Abloh diehards. If the rumors turn out to be true, fans are expecting an early Christmas, with Santa Supreme presumably delivering the gift of the year.

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