Street Fighter 6 will be featured in the June State of Play, according to Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb believes that Street Fighter 6 is among the premieres of this year’s Summer Game Fest and he feels the next State of Play is where it will be fully revealed.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Sony is going to show off third-party games and PSVR 2 during a State of Play on June 22022. So you now have one more reason to be excited for next week, but if you’re a fighting game fan, you’ll probably be even more excited for the next State of Play.

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Well-known gaming industry insider Jeff Grubb dropped his upcoming State of Play information earlier than others, revealing that a Street Fighter 6 complete announcement is quite possible.

Street Fighter 6 is believed to be fully revealed this summer

Whereas Jeff Grubb is pretty sure of an upcoming announcement for Street Fighter 6 during one of the many showcases in June 2022, he still doubts his presence in the next State of Play. That being said, the insider made it clear that this was not a random guess on his part, which could mean he does in fact have evidence for his claim.

Street Fighter 6 was confirmed by a brief teaser from Capcom in February of this year. Although we haven’t seen anything from the game so far, initial fan reaction to the game’s new logo design hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive.

Regarding the fact that street fighter 5 has been a PS4 exclusive for all these years, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the sequel also stick with Sony’s consoles, which could increase the game’s possibility of a presence at the next State of Play.

That said, Capcom hasn’t revealed anything about the target platforms of Street Fighter 6 so far.

PlayStation’s State of Play airs at 3:00 p.m. PT / 10:00 p.m. UTC on June 2. You can watch it live via this link.

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