Stickers Market Basket, Ditch the Petit Point Orange [OPINION]


Hey, market basket, cut it!

I hate those little orange dot stickers you put on my milk, toilet paper, and anything that’s too big to fit in a bag. Yesterday the cashier stuck a little orange sticker on my package of hamburger buns when I told her I didn’t need a bag.

Market Basket does this as proof that you have paid for the items. Isn’t that what my receipt is for? I’d be happy to show my receipt to a manager on the way out to prove I’m not a con artist if that would make them happy.

Why do I hate orange dot stickers so much? I hate them because they come out of the milk bottle, toilet paper and other items too big to fit in a bag and stick to the carpet in the trunk of my car. I once had one that got caught under my fridge light when I forgot to peel it off the milk bottle before entering the house.

I know I’m not the only one who is driven crazy by these little orange dot stickers as I see them all over the floor in the Market Basket parking lot and even on the street when I walk away from the store. Many people peel the sticky orange stickers off their wares and stick them back into their basket before throwing them into the basket corral.

Is there a market basket employee responsible for removing stickers from the shopping carts once they are returned to the store? Are cashiers paid by the number of small orange dot stickers they give out? They have a whole bunch of them next to the ledger.

This post is largely a joke, although I know it will trigger some pretty silly responses from some crazy people in the Free Little Orange Dot Sticker Society or those who will never read more than the title of these posts. But seriously, Market Basket, can we lose the points?

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