Ryan Patrick’s logo chosen to mark the 2022 arts festival

Ryan Patrick grew up attending the Newtown Arts Festival.

“I’ve been to the festival every year,” he said Monday morning. “I like the arts festival.”

Patrick’s mother, Barbara, a textile art designer, “always had a booth at the festival”, he said, “so I grew up helping him, sitting in the booth for hours, watching her interact with others and exploring other stalls with friends.”

This year, it will be his work that others will admire, long before the official three-day weekend event opens on September 16. The Newtown Arts Festival 2022.

Talk with The Newtown Bee Last week, Patrick said he was “more than honored to be able to represent the festival and the city in this way. It’s a dream come true.”

Patrick’s untitled design has a wood block appearance, with details that will appeal to local residents and non-residents alike. A rooster represents the seal of the town and an American flag is an obvious nod to the famous flagpole on Main Street.

But the design also includes a heart and a gazebo – the latter a nod to Holcombe Hill, according to Patrick.

“These are fun, recognizable shapes,” he said on January 17, “subtle things that could be interpreted as very generic, but if people in Newtown saw this they would know it was Newtown without the word Newtown needing to be on it.”

It also literally works within the ongoing festival theme, “A Celebration of the Arts”, with a banner bearing those words across the midsection of the design.

Patrick was inspired, he said, “by the fun and whimsical aspect of the city and the art scene, and the more traditional aspects of the city.”

Arts Festival President Barbara Snyder agrees with the extent of local artistic talent.

“The number and quality of applications we received shows how much talent we have in this city,” she said on January 18. Snyder was joined on the selection committee by Nancy Cole, Laura Lerman, Michele Lurie, Linda Parsloe, Andrea Spencer and David. Cole Wheeler.

“I am thrilled to be working with a local resident artist to represent the tenth anniversary of this year’s festival,” Snyder added.

Newtown Cultural Arts Commission Chair Laura Lerman noted the challenge of selecting this year’s winning entry.

“We received 13 strong submissions for the Arts Festival artwork,” she said on January 19. Four active artists volunteered their professional time, she said, “to make this very difficult decision.

“As we head into our tenth Newtown Arts Festival, it’s the Newtown arts community that helps us grow,” she said.

Inspired by home

Patrick, 21, is currently in his fourth of five planned years at Northeastern University, where he is majoring in graphic design with a minor in global fashion.

While in Boston, he continued his graphic design work, first as a shoe designer with Shoe Design Co-Op, then as a junior designer for IE Design, and now as a graphic designer for the Boston Red Sox.

Until last year, the 2018 Newtown High School graduate was also a designer at Ryan Patrick Design, a small clothing company he co-founded in 2019 with friend Harry Eckers.

The two often donated some or all of the proceeds from the designs to organizations, “depending on the campaign,” Patrick said. Two years ago, ahead of the eighth anniversary of 12/14, the pair released shirts that earned a few thousand dollars from sales.

“Anyone who purchased a shirt got to choose from the organizations in town,” he said, “to determine which organizations the profits went to.”

Ryan Patrick Designs no longer runs, “only because we’re both very busy with other things,” Patrick said, “but the city has always been inspirational and something that me and Harry have been looking for to support.”

Patrick also continues to work with clients on a freelance basis, producing branding and social media to enhance their overall appeal.

He is also now part of a small group of artists whose work is both featured and celebrated. He joins former logo designers Tracy Van Buskirk (2012 and 2015), Carol Collins (2013), Julia Sikes Provey (2014), Susanne Gilmore (2016), Linda Parsloe (2017), Virginia Zimmermann (2018), Paula Brinkman ( 2019), and Nancy Cole (2020-21).

Patrick’s art will be featured on posters, t-shirts and released on social media, websites and previews, many of them in this newspaper, ahead of the September 16-18 festival.

It will also have its own stand this year. The arts festival committee has traditionally provided a booth for each year’s logo designer, where they can showcase their art while surrounded by posters and t-shirts printed with their design.

The selection of his work to represent the festival also means Patrick won a $1,000 cash prize from the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission.

On the phone last week, he never mentioned the price.

“Newtown has always inspired me, and it’s always really fun and easy to design for this town because I really think it’s such a special place,” he said. “Newtown’s art scene and arts community is just as unique as the town itself.”


Associate Editor Shannon Hicks can be reached at [email protected]

Ryan Patrick told the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission that he knew it would be impossible “even to try” to visually represent all of the creativity seen at Newtown arts festivals. So he decided instead “to show diversity through the marriage of organic and geometric lines.” The opposing shapes worked, and Patrick’s unnamed design was selected to be the logo for Newtown Arts Festival 2022. —Art by Ryan Patrick

Members of the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission’s arts festival selection committee ponder their choices for the 2022 festival logo during a meeting on January 12. —Bee Photo, Hicks

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