Response from Lewdle today – September 28

Struggling with the puzzle in Lewdle today? Well, we’re here to help. In this guide, we provide the answer to today’s puzzle, and moreover, we keep this article updated every day. If you are a big fan of Lewdle and often struggle with the solution, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check it frequently. This way you will never miss a puzzle.

Lewdle is a Wordle-like everyday puzzle game that gives it a rough twist. Much like Phoodle, it plays similarly but puts a theme to the game. In this case, it’s rude words. So if you’re a big fan of swearing or saying things you usually shouldn’t, this is the Wordle-like for you.

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What is Lewdle?

Lewdle is a word game inspired by the sensational word game that started the trend, Wordle. You still have to guess a word, like in Wordle, but you’re specifically guessing a rude word.

How it works?

Have you ever played Wordle? Well, it pretty much plays the same. You guess a word and get feedback. Greens are letters that are in the word and appear in the correct place in your guess. The yellows are letters that appear in the word but are not in the correct place, and the rest of the letters are not in the word at all. You use that – and the fact that you’re looking for a rude word – to help you.

Tips and tricks

Before giving you the answers directly, here are some tips that could help you:

  • Urban dictionary: Well, forget the real dictionary – it’s unlikely to help you Lewdle. The vast majority of words that appear in this game are crude in nature and will not appear in a regular dictionary.
  • Vowels: This is a cheat we provide for a lot of puns, but it works. For the first two words, try to use all vowels as they appear in many words.


Here is the answer for Lewdle today:

Lewdle’s previous answers

  • September 27: CUMET
  • September 26: BLUMPY
  • September 25: Splash
  • September 24: ATTEMPTED
  • September 23: DICK
  • September 22: Naughty
  • September 21: NASTY
  • September 20: JET
  • September 19: SMEGMA
  • September 18: RAWDOG
  • September 17: BALLS
  • September 16: PUMA
  • September 15: BORDER
  • September 14: DIRTY
  • September 13: TEA BAG
  • September 12: JOBBY
  • September 11th: CRABS
  • September 10: THICC
  • September 9: FUCK
  • September 8: CHODEZ
  • September 7: PONUT
  • September 6: CANCHO
  • September 5: DOCKS

That will do it for our Lewdle guide today. Be sure to grab the game via the links at the top of this page, check out the related guides in the third paragraph, and bookmark this page to advance Lewdle solutions.

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