Regal Robot: New McQuarrie Art Plates Are Coming

From our friends at Regal Robot, their newest addition to the range of wooden plates bringing some classic beginnings, start of star wars on walls and doors everywhere.

Today we’re releasing two stunning new decorative pieces that pay homage to some of the early logos from the original film, Star Wars: A New Hope from 1977. Developed with original Lucasfilm image assets, the triangular and domed wall plaques unique will instantly transport you to the early days of classic film production.

The iconic Star Wars triangular artwork features a lone heroic figure standing in front of a fiery red planet with a raised lightsaber and a bright star burning above. The iconic image was originally created in mid-1975, appearing on production film boxes, scripts and stationery. The public would get their first glimpse of it on the famous yellow promotional t-shirts from the first science fiction congresses in 1976.

The classic domed artwork is also based on an early logo design for the original film. The plaque features a pair of heroic figures, one with a drawn lightsaber, standing in front of a desert planet and a space station.

Both plaques feature 2D printed artwork and, like the other plaques in this range, are shipped ready to hang! Made in the USA, they’re a great way to bring a bit of the Star Wars galaxy to your fan cave, kitchen, desert palace, or office!

Order these stunning new decorative items IN STOCK and pair them with our other vintage art inspired plaques (each sold separately). Receive a discount on shipping costs when ordering more than one wooden art plaque! Check out the rest of the collection on our Star Wars Decor page!

We visited Regal Robot Studios last week after New York Comic Con, so stay tuned for plenty of upcoming content as new releases arrive.

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