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A new design that would have rewarded Stoughton Trailers, as well as former donors Keith and Tammy Anderson, at the entrance to Collins Field for their donations to the turf and renovation project, has been better received by the Stoughton Area Board of Education than the previous concepts.

District Sales Manager Erika Pickett presented the entrance design at the Monday November 1 council meeting, which would create an archway bearing the Anderson’s name and two backlit signs with a purple Stoughton Trailers logo and White. Earlier designs that were considered in September included incorporating part of the Stoughton Trailers logo into the end zone, which board members said they were either against or at least slightly uncomfortable with it.

“It was an alternative that we discussed and came up with, and that Stoughton Trailers also… (likes) as well,” Pickett said of the new design. “(This) kills two birds with one stone and incorporates recognition for the Anderson family.”

The school board only discussed the design and took no votes on a potential design or contracts with Stoughton Trailers during the meeting.

On November 1, there was still some opposition to the idea of ​​Stoughton Trailers having its logo on campus, including from board member Yolibeth Rangel-FitzGibbon, who said she did not nothing against the company but that it was against advertising of any kind in the field.

Other council members seemed to agree with the idea. Board chairman Frank Sullivan said he believed the design struck a balance between what the board wanted by keeping advertising off the pitch, but also finding a way to recognize donors. .

“I’m a southerner – we say when someone does something good for you, we recognize it, we say thank you,” Sullivan said. “The problem for me with the logo on the pitch was that you couldn’t get away with it, that if you were there to watch the football game, which at least some of the people there, you’re going to watch the ad the whole time. time … with that, you see it once when you walk in, and you’re done.

The Collins Field renovation project began in 2019 after Stoughton Trailers announced it would give $ 150,000 as an initial gift, then offered to match an additional $ 350,000 in community donations for the project. The Stoughton Trailers donation stipulated that it was to be used by June 30, 2022, bringing some urgency to the project.

Pickett echoed the urgency of the project at the November 1 meeting, saying the district needs to sign contractual agreements with Stoughton Trailers and have the project bid within a month.

The Stoughton-area school board approved the artificial turf project in March after voicing concerns about maintenance and repair, which then-athletic director Mel Dow assured board members of administration that maintenance costs were reduced once the infrastructure was in place.

The project received donations from several groups at Stoughton High School, including sports and band recall organizations, numerous sports teams and the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce. In September, Class of 1981 alumni Keith and Tammy Anderson presented the district with a $ 1 million district renovation donation.

At the time of the Anderson’s donation, the district had $ 157,000 to raise funds to reach its goal of $ 1.1 million, but with the donation in full by this winter, the district plans to change the bleachers. to add an ADA accessible section near the top and a new press box.

The district was hoping to add a set of bathrooms on the home side of the land, but the cost of adding the facility is higher than the amount of donations received by the district.

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