No, the military has not relaxed the age limit for recruiting! It is a morphed image


We have browsed through some recent bulletins uploaded to Zee News‘YouTube and found that the current “Breaking News” model is different from the one seen in the viral image.

For example, we compared the Zee News newsletter posted Nov. 9 with the viral image and noticed several differences.

In order to determine if the news channel previously used the pattern seen in the viral screenshot, we performed a keyword search on Zee News‘YouTube manipulation.

This research led us to a bulletin posted online on April 26 mentioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with CDS Bipin Rawat regarding preparations undertaken by the armed forces during the coronavirus pandemic.

Comparing the April newsletter with the viral image, we noticed several similarities and differences.

For example, the font and placement of “Breaking News”, the placement of the channel logo, the design of the background behind the text are the same in both.

However, when we looked at the text in the red box to the right of the two images, we noticed a discrepancy in terms of the font.

The font used both in the “Sena Bharti 2022” header and in the body of the viral image is different from that seen in the Zee News newsletter.

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