Nike and Xbox’s “Space Jam” Kit is Slam Dunk on So Many Levels


We told you it was going to happen. There’s no way that the new movie “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, starring arguably the world’s most famous sports figure and growing wildly based on the first movie, wasn’t going to spend a lot of money. ton of money in promotional marketing.

We haven’t seen the movie yet, but all the trailers make it seem like an exaggerated nostalgic journey with ties to other lucrative intellectual properties like old video games and cartoons. animated. If Warner Bros. did not have gone crazy with merchandising, that would have been really crazy.

Some of those branded rollouts are still ongoing, but we got a glimpse of them this morning from Nike and Xbox, like Bugs Bunny and LeBron, a powerful duo of well-known names. The brands sent influencers a kit that included an Xbox controller decorated in classic Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner “Loony Tunes” art, which matches an upcoming “Space Jam” game on Xbox. The kit also comes with a pair of Nike LeBron 18 Low with different design patterns on each shoe, and the whole thing comes packaged in a branded box.

Credit: Xbox

This one is an almost perfect amalgamation of all the recent promotional trends we’ve seen:

  • Combine several products that do not seem related but which fit into a larger theme? Check.
  • Use the packaging itself to tell the brand’s story? Check.
  • Create a way to drive traffic to a specific social media app or page? Check
  • Send these kits directly to influencers to generate hype and get the word out without the need for a centralized event? Check.

We’re not sure exactly who all received this box, but pro skateboarder Nyjah Huston posted on Instagram that he received one, and it’s even cooler that Xbox made it sound in their press materials.

Maybe he has a special kit to be an Olympian and all, but his custom box looks like a locker and contains not only the sneakers and controller, but a branded Xbox console, a LeBron James PEZ distributor, a box. of cereal and a Tweetie Bird Soft Toy.

Credit: Instagram by Nyjah Huston

Credit: Instagram by Nyjah Huston

Credit: Instagram by Nyjah Huston

Credit: Instagram by Nyjah Huston

Credit: Instagram by Nyjah Huston

Xbox has worked hard with the marketing of its new consoles. This should come as no surprise to anyone, given the hype surrounding the games. But it looks like they’re stepping out of the usual advertising routes this time around, like making refrigerators that look like the console, and now creating a “Looney Tunes” scene on the console itself.

The console’s brutal, blocky design lends itself to these ideas, however. This rectangle is a blank canvas for artwork, or it can sink into the larger concept. This idea of ​​minimalism in design is something we’ve discussed before, mainly when it comes to signage and logo design, but it applies to how physical products can exist as advertising in- beyond a simple space for a footprint at one location.

This kit is the 2021 promotion par excellence. The film is being released in theaters and on streaming services simultaneously, which was originally a way for studios to bypass theatrical closures due to the pandemic, but now that’s completely normal as preferences of the public change. The days of a great prime minister are not over, but you are reaching a much larger group by sending these freebies to famous people who will post them on social media.

This is also probably not the last big co-branding effort of the “Space Jam” marketing team. They apparently have 200 licensed merchandise partners and are looking to surpass the original movie’s $ 1.2 billion in merchandise revenue.

With major sporting events like the Olympics just around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for more LeBron and Bugs Bunny.

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