NBA Draft 2022: A preview of the Draft-night combination

It’s draft night and G League Ignite prospect MarJon Beauchamp is preparing for the most important night of his life. Her stylist, Toni Lowe, buttons up her all-black Dolce & Gabbana outfit that the duo have been working on tirelessly for the past 3 weeks.

“I wanted to go all black for the look,” Beauchamp said. “My whole family wears all black”

After adjusting Beauchamp’s collar, Lowe tells him to wear the suit with a white sneaker and a black one. “If you want to do something different, I would do it,” Lowe said. “It completely changes the game for you.”

Flash ahead of the 2022 NBA Draft at Barclays Center and an emotional Beauchamp hears his name called in the first round after being selected by the Milwaukee Bucks. His dream suddenly comes true.

“I’ve worked for this all my life,” Beauchamp said. “All the ups and downs

MarJon Beauchamp is coming to the 2022 NBA draft.

possesses. All the adversity I had to face. I am ready for this moment. I dreamed about it, and now I’m here.

With tears in his eyes, he takes the stage to shake hands with commissioner Adam Silver – a moment he will remember for the rest of his life. His picture is taken and he and his draft suit are etched in NBA history.

Draft Night has become one of the biggest fashion events of the year. From LeBron James’ puffy white suit to Jalen Green’s bell bottom pants, Draft Day cuts are sure to turn heads. It’s also the first real chance for rookies to make a good impression by entering the league.

“[Draft night] is a night you’ll never have again,” Lowe pointed out. “It’s very important, and you have to be at your best.”

“People put a lot of emphasis on the night suit draft, because you’re going to see those pictures for the rest of your life,” said Ochai Agbaji, who was drafted 14th overall to the Cavaliers. “I wanted gold, but just the right amount of gold. Black and gold are championship colors for me, and that’s who I am. A winner.”

Since prospects recognize the importance of looking good on draft night, many are now working with designers and stylists — like Lowe’s — to create outfits for their big night. Alongside Beauchamp, Lowe worked with first draft pick Paulo Banchero on his purple suit this year and was also behind Jalen Green’s infamous sparkly suit last year.

Agibaji worked closely with Alba Legacy designer Julian Abdul to develop his bespoke black and gold suit, and designer Jackie J. Reyes was behind Jaden Hardy’s all-white, jewel-covered look.

“Jaden wanted a jacket that stood out, and I made sure to help bring his vision to life,” Reyes said. “A team in Los Angeles started the costume, and a team in New York completed it adding the jewelry. I had a lot of conversations with Jaden during the process to make sure he liked the direction in which I was going.

Jaden Hardy poses for photos on the red carpet at the 2022 NBA Draft.

One of the veterans of the draft costume world is Johanna Alba, who started Alba Legacy, a team of designers and tailors who are behind many of the custom looks you see on draft night. She has worked in the NBA Draft for 23 years.

“I’ve been doing it for so long now. They get so excited every time, and I always tell everyone – take it all in and take a deep breath,” Alba said. “Whenever you feel any type of anxiety, just count your blessings.”

Alba owns a production house in downtown Los Angeles where she develops the costumes and partners with top agencies nationwide to connect with prospects before draft night.

Paolo Banchero hangs out with his parents, Rhonda and Mario, during introductions.

She broke down the design behind Shaedon Sharpe’s suit this year, which was drafted 7th overall by the Trail Blazers:

“I worked in conjunction with Shaedon’s sister, Amari, who designed the costume, and we just executed it,” Alba said. “Shaedon’s mother also designed his jacket logo which we stamped on his suit. If you zoom in on his coat, there are two S’s for Shaedon Sharpe – they look a bit like lightning bolts. Inside he made a red interior to match his red bottom shoes and then he highlighted 519 because he is from Canada.

Alba mentioned that one of his favorite parts of working with rookies ahead of draft night is that many have never worn a suit before — including Dyson Daniels, who was drafted 8th overall by the Pelicans.

Jabari Smith Jr. pays tribute to Auburn University inside his suit.

“Dyson didn’t know any big brands before the draft. We bought him some Christian Louboutin shoes. He said, ‘What is this?’ And we’re like, ‘red bottoms,'” laughs Alba. “Being part of this process is so much fun for us.”

But what is the most important aspect of the night costume project? Rookies and designers agree – it’s all in the details.

Banchero wanted a purple suit to recognize his parents – who met in college.

“My parents both went to the University of Washington, and I didn’t,” Banchero said. “When I didn’t go, they had a bit of heat for that. I pay homage to them with Husky Purple.

Bennedict Mathurin’s costume pays tribute to his late brother.

No. 3 draft pick Jabari Smith Jr. made sure to shout out his Auburn University basketball family inside the jacket.

“I went through a lot up there. I feel like Auburn made me a different kind of player,” Smith Jr. said. “I found myself there. I wanted to pay tribute to the coaching staff and everyone who supported me in my costume.

But it was the outfit of Benedict Mathurin, number 6 in the repechage, that had the most personal touch – a tribute to his late brother Dominique, who died in a motorcycle accident in 2014. Inside the suit jacket of Mathurin found himself a photo of him and his siblings when they were children. , and he also wore a chain on which was inscribed his brother’s name.

“It was my brother’s dream to play in the NBA,” Mathurin said. “I just make sure he’s always with me wherever I go.”

2022 Draft Night is over, but most rookies agree they plan to continue at that level of style now that they’re in the league.

“For sure I plan on continuing to dress up once I’m in the league,” Banchero said. “I’m just dressed how I want to dress. Going into the draft, I wanted to be a bit different and be myself, so that’s what I found.

“I’m going to have to put on some suits once I’m in the league once in a while,” laughed Smith Jr. “Wait and see.”

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