Morbius multiverse | Is Morbius located in the MCU?


Sony returns to our lives as Venom-Verse grows with Daniel Espinosa Morbius. The much-delayed Venom spin-off was set to spread its wings in July 2020, but with the living vampire confined to the crypt, Jared Leto’s debut as Michael Morbius was left to simmer a bit longer.

The latest trailer for Morbius came out hot and dismissed any assumption that the next entry into the Sony Pictures universe of Marvel characters will “spit out.” While Morbius’ arrival appears to be tied to a much bigger SPUMC, fans are rightly wondering what reality it is set in. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe teetered on the edge of its own multiverse, Morbius comes across as a confusing outing.

Namely, Morbius has ties to all three Spider-Men, with Easter Eggs linked to the dynasties of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. Do it all further than the formidable trio will share the screen in Spider-Man: No Path Home? Notably, Morbius includes a poster of the hero crawling on the walls sprayed with the words “murderer” – hinting that Morbius will follow. Mysterio blames Peter Parker for his murder. Problem is, the Spidey featured on the poster appears to be wearing the Maguire costume. Elsewhere, eagle-eyed viewers noticed an apparent nod to Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man films.

The new trailer features a physical copy of the Daily Bugle. It oddly has the Raimi-era logo instead of the online version of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The Bugle banner mentions that Rhino has escaped from prison and wonders if Black Cat is “friend or foe” – Paul Giamatti played Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while Felicity Jones portrayed the alter ego of Black Cat Felicia Hardy in the same movie. The two were set to return in a third film / Sinister Six spin-off, before those projects were scrapped.

Neither star is expected to return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but if the paper isn’t an Easter Egg, that could confirm Morbius for Raimi or Webb’s continuity. (The latter would certainly help Jamie Foxx’s reprieve as an electro in No Way Home.)

In terms of world building, the Morbius trailer also includes a preview of a skyscraper with the words OSCORP proudly displayed on top. Norman Osborn played a small role in Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man films (played by Chris Cooper) and more broadly was a major part of Sam Raimi’s acclaimed 2000s trilogy as portrayed by Willem Dafoe. While we can’t see who is on the OSCORP board, it does offer some tempting opportunities.

Oscorp building in Morbius

It’s no secret that Dafoe is widely rumored to reprise his role as Osborn from the Raimiverse. The first No Way Home trailer featured a rolling pumpkin bomb and what sounded a lot like Dafoe’s goblin laugh. Norman Osborn is a leading figure in Marvel villains, so it was only a matter of time before he made his way into the MCU to help jumpstart the game. love the dark avengers. It remains to be seen if Dafoe’s potential No Way Home cameo could lead to a more permanent comeback, but OSCORP’s teasing could have huge ramifications for the main MCU and the Venom-Verse.

Finally, Morbius hinted that it could be part of the MCU’s main continuity. Sony’s big boss Amy Pascal has repeatedly hinted at Venom and the rest are seen as part of the MCU, while Kevin Feige has backed away from the idea. A long time ago, jaws were on the ground when Michael Keaton apparently stepped in to play Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture again. In the trailer, Toomes ominously says that he and Morbius should keep in touch. If that’s not a hint of some sort of Sinister Six squad, we don’t know what it is.

Venom was not initially considered part of the MCU until Venom: the shocking post-credits scene of Let There Be Carnagehowever, Morbius tries to put the two antiheroes in the same continuity. There is a brief mention of an incident in “San Francisco”, which happens to be where the events of the two Venom films took place.

Unfortunately, we’re still no closer to deciphering which universe Morbius fits into – but in the end, is that a big deal? It’s clear that Loki, No Way Home, and the sequel to Doctor Strange are blasting the doors to the multiverse, which means it doesn’t matter what reality something is supposed to take place in – indeed, they’re now. all a big universe anyway. In terms of crossovers and characters galore from the past and present of Marvel madness, the more the merrier is said – and hell the administrator!

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