Mike from MikeAdv ranked best graphic designer in Boston

Adobe Pro-certified designer and founder of MikeAdv, a leading marketing agency in Boston, continues to expand his reach across the country amid rave reviews from clients

Mike has undoubtedly shown his prowess as an Adobe Pro Certified Designer, working with clients across all industries with their brand identity and logo design projects. In a related development, the founder of MikeAdv has continued to push boundaries to deliver the best logo design service in the United States, helping businesses stand out and stand out.

Besides being a globally recognized freelance graphic designer, Mike is also affiliated with Sound and Vision Media where he currently works as Creative Director. He also works regularly with Boston Video Productions, where he is considered an integral member of their production team.

Branding remains an important part of every business, helping organizations stand out from their competitors. However, getting the right mix of professionalism and expertise in the trade can sometimes be a daunting task, but not for Mike and his team. MikeAdv has made a name for itself as a competent team in the field of design. As a result, the freelance designer from Boston is gaining popularity with his clients.

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MikeAdv offers a wide range of services for companies, individuals, startups, companies, factories and emerging entrepreneurs. MikeAdv’s services include brand identity, logo design, web design, graphic design, social media and advertising design. MikeAdv also offers retouching, photography, composting and video editing. The Boston-based designer with over two decades in graphic design and 8 years in UX/UI has worked with big names in media including Scene Magazine, Sound and Vision Media and executive producer of Style Boston TV.

Strategically located in the Boston area, minutes from Logan Airport, Mike has become a sought-after American brand identity expert. “I’ve known Mike for years, he’s an Adobe Suite certified designer, met at the Adobe New York online convention. His professionalism and precision in graphic and web development make working with the graphic studio easy, satisfying and rewarding. Having collaborated on the illustration and figurative design of the packaging project for Heels and Bones Beer Factory Canada, I was able to synergize with the visual ideas of the graphic design on the logo and the composition of the packaging and the bottles. The complementarity between design and graphics enhances the quality of the brewery’s labels, best representing the power of beer, capable of leaving only the skull and crossbones to those who approach the tasting. One of the best visual studios I’ve worked with in years. – Violent Lord.

For more information about MikeAdv and the range of services offered, see their website in the media contact section.

The campaign for effective branding also continues on social media, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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