Metroid Dread Fan Redesigns Box Art In Final Fantasy Style

A creative Metroid Dread fan shares his recreation of the game’s box art inspired by Final Fantasy, with its intricate line art but simple coloring.

metroid dread box art final fantasy

Terror MetroidThe art of the box is simple yet eerie, with Samus standing confidently in the foreground, while the seven EMMI robots loom in the background. Another series known for its generally simple box art designs is Final fantasy, and we were inspired by this franchise to rethink Terror Metroidthe art of the box.

Go back to both Metroid and Final fantasy, fans will find evidence of box arts still clean. With Metroid, the focal point is normally Samus at the center of the art, surrounded by elements of the game itself, whether enemies or environments. Take for example the last version before Terror Metroid, Metroid: Samus Returns, which simply shows a crouching, focused Samus, as the horizon of a planet and outer space appears behind her. Final fantasy is also quite simple with its design, in many cases simply selling a white box that has a larger version of the logo, the attention being the eloquent icon behind the text, like Final fantasy 7 and the meteor.


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Reddit user thedidynotkong recently shared his remake of the Terror Metroid box art in the style of Final fantasy. There are two main connections to Final fantasy in the redesign of thedidynotkong: the color palette and the simplicity of the design. Thedidynotkong does not refer Final fantasy‘s usual color palette specifically (as mentioned usually being mostly white) but does the same technique as Final fantasy, contrasting the background logo illustration with intense color work. In this case, the didynotkong blackens out the entire background, leaves the text as it is, and most strikingly depicts Samus and EMMI in red, really making the art stand out.

Regarding the simplicity of design, the effect sought by the didynotkong is clear. The placement of Samus and EMMI slightly above the title but touching it all the same evokes some of the Final fantasythe iconic logos of and the work of Yoshitaka Amano, such as Yuna and Sin on Final fantasy 10‘s, or Kain Highwind on Final fantasy 4‘s. From another point of view, thedidynotkong may have been inspired by box art entries like Final Fantasy 7 remake, Final fantasy 13, or the next one Stranger From Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin, which show a solid image contrasted by a stark white background. The red images of Samus and EMMI are official recolors Terror Metroid makes.

Overall, thedidynotkong’s redesign works as an extension of the original art, as well as a piece inspired by Final fantasy. Keeping the color scheme only on those three colors of black, red and white passively infuses the same kind of intensity as the original box art. Also, without any sort of detail surrounding the characters, the design seems to be influenced by both the beautiful logo of Final fantasy, but also the staging of its more elaborate box arts. Other artists have tried this crossover, such as the one that adapted the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night logo with Final fantasy inspiration.

Terror Metroid is available on Switch.

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