Maharashtra: Number of Aadhaar students to be tied to government programs by Dec 30

To ensure that no student is deprived of the benefits, concessions and scholarships offered under the government schemes, the Maharashtra Cabinet decided on Wednesday to link the number of Aadhaar recipients to these schemes. The process must be completed by December 30.

According to Ministry of Finance officials, the government said during the budget session of the state legislature that the number of Aadhaar beneficiaries should be linked to midday meal schemes.

“The process of linking the names of beneficiaries from the Departments of Women and Child Development, School Education, Social Justice, Tribal Welfare and other backward Bahujan should be completed by linking their Aadhaar numbers,” an official said.

“The secretaries of all relevant departments, while compiling the database of teachers, students and beneficiaries, should ensure that by linking Aadhaar numbers, no beneficiary is deprived of benefits.”

The official added, “Additionally, the GPS vehicle tracking system will be implemented until December 30 for departments that provide nutritious food and cereals. From June 1, the secretaries also want to keep the main database of their respective departments up to date.

The official further said that scholarships should be credited to the account of eligible students via DBT from January 2, 2023, after linking their Aadhaar numbers with programs under the departments of higher and technical education, the medical education, school education, social justice, tribal development. , other backward bahujan welfare and development of minorities. “This is to ensure that no eligible student is deprived of benefits.”

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