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Made from nature, for those who embrace their true selves and their craft, the all new Signature whiskey

Posted on October 20, 2021

The all-new Signature Whiskey redefines the paradigm of success, where being true to yourself matters more than meeting the expectations of others.

In a world filled with artificial ideas of success, being natural and authentic is a bold statement to make. True to its philosophy, Diageo India today launched a renewed look, taste and packaging for the rare and aged grain whiskey from India – Signature. The all new Signature whiskey, made from nature, is as authentic as it gets. The new premium offerings, crafted from natural ingredients by master blender Louise Martin for a unique whiskey experience, are designed for people who pride themselves on embracing their true selves and making a place for themselves. Signaturewhisky is now an evolved logo unit, a more nuanced blend and sustainable packaging with contemporary and modern design codes that stand out on the shelves.

Louise Martin, who brings decades of authentic Scottish blending craftsmanship to the table, is a passionate whiskey connoisseur who has been the mastermind behind Diageo’s most exclusive single malts in the world. From hand picking of beans to personal supervision of the blending process, the magic of his craft shines through in every drop of the new Signature whiskey.

From packaging to liquid, Signature is undeniably authentic. Blended with imported scotch, aged Indian malts and grain spirits, the new Signature Rare promises an authentically rich taste, with distinct notes of sweetness and fruitiness. A mix of lively woody undertones, reaching its crescendo to leave a deep and lasting signature. Signature Premier, blended with 10 Scotch whiskeys, is sweetness elevated to new heights, with a fruity touch and a malty undertone. It’s a symphony of floral and vanilla notes, all coming to an epic conclusion in an exquisite and creamy blend.

Speaking on this update, Amarpreet Anand, EVP Marketing & Portfolio Head, Diageo India, said: “Signature has been one of our most popular brands in the premium segment. However, over the years we have realized that consumers want something more premium, healthier, closer to nature. We realized the need for a breakthrough and a redefinition of a premium offer in the segment. Thus was born the brand new Signature, made from the purest mineral water of nature and selected grains, with two remarkable variants: Signature Rare Whiskey, a carefully balanced liquid, and Signature Premier Whiskey, soft and creamy. . Whiskey connoisseurs looking for experience and authentic products will find an echo in this new bottle, this new packaging and, above all, the blend produced by our Master Blender Louise Martin. To play more of a role in the culture, the brand will soon launch a new platform with brand ambassadors AyushmanKhurrana, Rakulpreet Singh and Sayani Gupta to encourage consumers to embrace their natural selves and own their signature! “

The new Signature Whiskey pack embraces the natural world, positioning it as the most authentic whiskey in the country while providing the consumer with an elevated experience. The design of the pack retains distinctive Signature elements, including the color green. The brand firmly believes that nature craftsmanship begins with giving back to nature. This is why the new Signature is delivered in a cardboard box made from recycled cardboard. The new design also makes the bottle taller, making it more attractive for its holder.

An essential part of the new logo on the packaging is the appearance of nature and its beauty – personifying the brand’s commitment to promoting pure and inspiring stories. The brand’s philosophy of staying real and raw in your journey is beautifully anchored in an all-new open-embrace logo unit, defining today’s ‘personalized idea of ​​success’.

Led by Design Bridge, the team behind the revamp of iconic brands such as Guinness, Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Gordon’s and The Singleton, the revamped Signature Pack introduces a subtle yet unique design language to the positioning of the whiskey as a more accessible product.

Speaking of design, Creative Director Jon Neal of Design Bridge said, “Our ambition when renovating the Master Blenders signature whiskey was to help reintegrate some of the natural craftsmanship into its design. Master craftsmen create their works using the natural elements available to them, wood, clay and glass. Design Bridge wanted to do the same. We wanted to maximize the bottle by incorporating the brand directly into the glass thanks to the large central embossing. Embossing allowed the use of smaller labels, saving paper while raising the brand at the same time. We have introduced a handcrafted raw paper effect on the outer packaging to help convey the story of natural ingredients to our consumers. The use of brushstrokes and imperfect lines gives the new design an aspect that says this whiskey has been “made with nature and all of its natural ingredients”.

Also speaking of the collaboration between the two companies General Manager Alex Cerrutifrom Design Bridge said: “The collaboration between the Diageo India and Design Bridge Singapore teams is a collaboration based on trust and mutual constant effort to ensure that we all challenge each other to come up with the best brand of whiskey and the best design proposition. . We believe that the result obtained for the renovation of Signature Whiskey is unique in the Indian category and the strong momentum of the brand’s sustainability program will make the coming months even more interesting!

With the vision to be the most progressive and enterprising brand in India, Signature will inspire you to break away from traditional world norms and remain dynamic, open-minded and determined towards your craft. Additionally, with this renewed blend, the brand is poised to become the most aspired and trusted brand for millennials who have a new personal paradigm of success, where being true to yourself matters more than meeting expectations. others.

The updated packs will be on shelves nationwide from August 2021.

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