Letter: the city logo is a timeless design – Albert Lea Tribune

I am originally from Albert Lean and graduated from ALHS. This is where my wife and I bought our first house when our son was born. Life and work have pushed us to move for many years. We returned to Albert Lea just before COVID hit.

I appreciated the article in the Tribune concerning a logo for the new water tower. Consistency is important. Think about the logos/icons we grew up with and how much they communicate the intended image to us: the Chevrolet bow tie, the interlocking Olympic rings, the Minnesota Vikings horns, the golden McDonald’s bows, etc.

Although what we have now is familiar – and isn’t that the point – let’s plan to celebrate our current, easily recognizable logo. It is an elegant and timeless design.

We’re noticing how much our community seems to love going back to the original downtown storefronts. The so-called “modernization” that took place here during my youth turned out to be short-lived. The original look speaks of history, stability and consistency.

Finally, our current logo honors nature and its invaluable gift to our Albert Lea community – the ever-changing beautiful waterways. Everywhere we see it – our city trucks, city parks and other Albert Lea structures – it reminds us of who we are and where we are. We are Albert Leans, and this is our community, our home!

Jon Romer

Albert Lea

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