Kupros, Inc. Hosts First Annual 3D Printing IC Design Competition

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., July 6, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Consumer-grade 3D printers are capable of creating sophisticated 3D printed electronic circuits. And that’s why Kupros, Inc. decided to hold its first contest – to show it off. The contest prizes will total $26,250.

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Kupros, Inc., a start-up disrupting the world of printed electronics and antennas, is thrilled to give people the opportunity to showcase their abilities and those of printers in this first annual competition.

The objective of the competition is to encourage innovators in the additive manufacturing community to explore and expand the capabilities of printing electronic circuits, antennas and integrated sensors using FFF/FDM 3D printers commercial grade. Contest entrants must be able to demonstrate functionality in their product design which will be observed and evaluated via video.

“We will select 10 entries and print them on our MAKERGEAR M3-ID dual-head 3D printer using conductive PLA and Cu-29 filaments,” said Ian Ramsdell, CEO of Kupros. “Then the final products will be showcased and videos posted on our website for 3D printing enthusiasts to vote for the winning submission.”

Entries are due to Kupros by midnight July 31, 2022. For an entry form and more information about the contest, visit: https://www.kuprosinc.com/Competition.

About Kupros, Inc.:

Kupros, Inc. is an “Innovation First” company that is committed to rapid and continuous research and development. It specializes in creating exotic filaments to expand the capacity of the additive manufacturing industry in the United States.

Winner of the Radius Indiana and Crane IP Defense Innovation Pitch Competition, graduate of the NSIN Foundry, gBETA, and BunkerLabs commercial acceleration programs, and licensed by the DoD Crane Naval Laboratory, the revolutionary Cu-29 conductive filament is 80 times more conductive than current available options. Preliminary testing of Cu-29 showed a resistivity of only 74.3 micro-ohms per centimeter, which is less than 3% different from raw copper (99% pure). The products currently available have a resistivity greater than 6,000 micro-ohms per centimeter.

Product releases planned for 2023 include a high-conductivity variant of Cu-29, as well as aerospace and radiation-hardened variants.

For more product information, visit: https://www.kuprosinc.com/Products


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