Kellogg’s is removing its logo from Pop-Tarts boxes

Friday, Kellogg’s confirmed rumors online that he removed his name from Pop-Tarts. The move comes amid a month-long strike involving around 1,400 workers at four grain factories, but Kellogg’s says the design decision is about a “streamlined” design, not a last-resort effort to bypass consumer boycotts (hmm).

Part of the strike revolved around the company’s two-tier compensation system, in which workers hired after 2015 typically receive lower wages and benefits than long-tenured workers. The company said its veteran workers earn more than $ 35 an hour on average, while new workers earn nearly $ 22 an hour on average.

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders, the Independent US Senator from Vermont, plans announced to hold a rally Friday on behalf of Kellogg workers in Battle Creek, Michigan, the location of the company’s headquarters and one of the striking grain factories.

New York Times

Remember that in early December, when Kellogg’s announced a plan to hire permanent replacement workers, Redditors flooded the hiring site with fake applications.

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