Illumio chooses MadCap Flare over DITA to deliver modern service


San Diego, CA, October 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MadCap Software, Inc., the leader in multi-channel content creation, today announced the release of a new case study with customer Illumio, a leader in cyber attacks and ransomware prevention. The case study examines how Illumio replaced its original content creation system with MadCap Flare after evaluating options, such as Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). With MadCap Flare, Illumio now delivers modern web and print product guides in less than a quarter of the time previously required.

When the world’s leading organizations need to protect their critical data, they turn to Illumio to prevent breaches from turning into cyber disasters. A pioneer and market leader in zero trust segmentation, the Illumio platform provides global visibility into security risks and automates policy enforcement to prevent cyber attacks and ransomware from spreading through applications, containers, clouds, data centers, and endpoints.

Modernize product guides for State-of-the-art software
To ensure that customers can take full advantage of all the capabilities of the Illumio product portfolio, the company provides its product guides in web and print content. For years, Illumio has relied on its original content creation system to develop guides and then export the content to HTML and PDF formats that were posted on the company’s internal support site. However, the long scrolling pages had almost no formatting, making it difficult for customers and employees to find the information they needed. In addition, each guide was separate and siled, which added complexity and redundancy whenever a new or updated guide needed to be produced.

Today, Illumio uses MadCap Flare to deliver its Illumio Core and Illumio Edge product guides as a modern, responsive documentation website with two HTML5-based product guide portals and a range of downloadable PDFs. To view the full case study, visit [Add case study URL].

The main benefits realized by Illumio include:

  • Thematic creation, analysis and overall linking of projects in MadCap Flare reduced the delivery time of a new product guide from 40 hours to 6 hours, allowing Illumio’s technical documentation team to follow along. the pace of new product releases.
  • The superior navigation and advanced search functionality in MadCap Flare, as well as a selection option on the home page, help users easily navigate to the portal, product guide and the topic or chapter they have. need, which prompts companies to use the website for additional information.
  • Modern website templates for MadCap Flare along with the skins have allowed Illumio to create a documentation site that aligns with the company’s branding.
  • MadCap Flare for single-source authoring and multichannel publishing makes it easy to deliver product guides as interactive web content and downloadable PDFs, so Illumio customers, partners and employees can get information in the format they want. need.

“It’s been a day and night experience since we deployed our modern documentation website using Flare. We’ve seen a huge leap in the quality of our guides, and they’ve gone from something no one really thought of, to a resource considered indispensable, ”said Katherine Morgan, director of technical publications at Illumio, Inc. Web Documentation accessible to everyone (employees, customers, analysts, prospects and others) and demand is skyrocketing.

“With the rapid escalation of cyber attacks around the world, more and more organizations are turning to Illumio and its zero-trust segmentation software to stop these invasions in their tracks,” said Anthony Olivier, Founder and CEO of MadCap . “We are excited about Illumio’s success in ensuring that customers have the documentation they need to fully utilize business solutions to protect their businesses, both to keep pace with the rapid delivery of new product releases and to provide a modern, intuitive experience that helps users quickly get the information they need, when and where they need it.

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