How to cheat at Wordle if you’re a bad person and want to ruin everything

A December Wordle puzzle.

language of power

That’s why we can’t have nice things. Apparently all the answers to come for wordle, the simple guessing game that has garnered so much attention on social media, are hidden in the game’s code. We know this because of a tweet from a man in india i link to here, but will not be embedded, as it is supposed to display the words that will soon be answers to the puzzle.

WARNING: If you click that link above, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It actually SHOWS the winning words to come. People are already asking (pleading?) for the original poster to remove the image, as it’s possible to come across it innocently while surfing Twitter.

I am a great example. I accidentally saw tomorrow’s answer and now I’m more than a little upset. I guess I could cheat and fake it in one try, but no one who knows me will believe that, and what’s the benefit? Now I’m going to have to find another way to distract myself from midnight tonight until 12:05 the next day. Thank you very much, Twitter. I reached out to Wordle creator Josh Wardle to comment on the tweet, but didn’t receive an immediate response.

The CNET writers happily jumped on the Wordle bandwagon. It’s a long, cold winter in the midst of a pandemic and damn it, we deserve a daily five-minute break to reflect on the global situation. here is favorite parting words and advice from staff members, a fun batch of Wordle memes, and other word games you might enjoy.

Cheaters, here’s another way to cheat

And if you really want to cheat at Wordle (WHY?), I can tell you another way. I don’t approve of this, but it’s a little less blatant than just reading the answers in the game code.

So start playing Wordle, make some guesses, and once you’re completely stumped, with just a few green squares pointing to the right letters in the right places, move on to a crossword puzzle solver, like this one. (Some online crossword solvers ask you to enter the clue the puzzle gives you – Wordle doesn’t have any clues, but the link I provide here doesn’t ask for them.)

Once you’re on the link, set the number of letters to 5, because all Wordle puzzles have five letters. Type only the green square letters you know and make sure you put them in the right place. Leave the ones you don’t know blank, even if you know some letters but don’t know their position. You will receive a list of words that match these requirements – one of them is probably the Wordle answer. It’s still cheating, but at least did you make some guesses on your own first?

Wordle will likely fall out of favor soon, joining the pile of past pandemic activity, such as Dalgona Whipped Coffee and tiger king. But until he does, make no mistake. The world is only too eager to take away your little pleasures – you don’t have to give them willingly.

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