Hikari no Ou Anime Announces Director, Mamoru Oshii Writing

The animated adaptation of Rieko Hinatait is Hikari no Ou fantasy novels will be directed by Junji Nishimura (real tears, Ranma 1/2 Hen Nettou Ep 70 and following) with mamoru oshii (ghost in the shell director, Urusei Yatsura chief director Ep 1-Ep 129) as the series’ composer and scriptwriter, Japanese broadcaster WOWOW has announced. The anime’s logo design has also been revealed.

Nishimura and Oshii previously worked together on the 2021 vampire comedy Vlad Love, with the former as director and the latter as chief director, series composer and screenwriter. For the 1984 Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer film, Oshii served as director with Nishimura as unit director.

Image source: WOWOW

the Hikari no Ou anime was announced in November 2020. The show will air via WOWOW channel and is produced by Signal.MD.

The books published by Holp Shuppan on which the anime is based began in 2018 and ended in 2020 with four volumes. Akihiro Yamada provided the illustrations.

Hikari no Ou takes place after mankind’s final war, with a land covered in a dark forest in which fiery creatures roam. There is also a pathogen that causes inflammation in human bodies. With the creatures being the source of the only fire humans can safely handle, sickle-wielding fire hunters (Hikari) venture into the forests to search for these beings. Among the hunters, there is talk of a millennial comet, and how whoever hunts it will be called the King of Fire Hunters (Hikari no Ou). The main characters are 11-year-old Touko and 15-year-old Koushi, whose intersecting destinies set the story in motion.

Image source: PR Times

Sources: PR Times, Comic Natalie

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