Google Search Hacks, Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know


Most of the people who use the Google search engine are not familiar with Google search tips, tricks, and tips, which affect your search accuracy. The Google search engine is capable of retrieving thousands of search results in seconds. It is important to know the little tips, tricks and tricks so that Google can find the exact result for the users.

The technical expert Chris Hladczuk shared eight tips for Google search tips and here they are:

Google Search Hacks, Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Google search tips, tricks and tips

Quotation marks

Keeping the search term in quotation marks will allow you to search for that exact word. All search results will contain your search term. For example: “Goldsmith”

It will give all search results with the full name Gold Smith. If you performed a search without quotes, the results retrieved will include thousands of pages containing the words Gold and Smith.


Dashes help exclude a particular term from your search. For example Coated in chocolate. Put the word you want to search for first, then a space and a hyphen followed by the word you want to exclude from the search. The result produced will be chocolate only and will not have anything that includes chocolate – covered in it.


Using Tilde (~) retrieves synonyms in the result. For example music ~ lessons Here you only get music lessons, lessons, coaching, etc.

To place

Include the site to search in a particular website only. For example: google site:

It will produce google search results on site only.

Vertical bar or OR

Use the vertical bar (|) or the simple OR to search for multiple search terms. For example BBC I CNN. The search will produce results with either only to do with BBC or CNN. Use OR for the same purpose,

Two points (..)

Use the colon to search between two number ranges. For example movies 1991..2021

It will bring results to do with films between 1991 and 2021.


Look for something related to a particular location. For example Elon Musk’s location: sanfrancisco

File type

To refine the search result according to certain types of files. For example Turkish Recipes File Type: pdf

It will filter out all the articles you don’t want to read.

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More Google Search Tips, Tricks & Tricks

  • Use the tabs: use the tabs for Google search type like Images, News, Videos, etc.
  • Links to another page: To retrieve all the pages linked to a specific page. For example link:
  • Use the wildcard asterisk: use the asterisk if you do not know all of the words for your search. for example “Come * right away * me” – he will bring the words
  • Find similar sites: Use the syntax: related: for similar sites
  • Do math: use google to solve math, it won’t solve all math problems but quite a few of them. syntax: 2 * 2 + 2
  • Order nearby: If you need a nearby pizzeria by type Pizzeria nearby
  • Currency and Unit Conversions: Here’s how to do it:
    • miles to km
    • 1 USD to British Pound
  • Unit conversion:
    • kg to pound
    • degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius
    • USD to euros
    • inch in cm
  • Syntax of weather information:
    • weather situation [ Location ]
    • [Location] weather situation
  • Flight status syntax
    • [airline name] [fight number]
    • [airline abbreviation] [fight number]
  • Nutritional information

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