Going to town: a mapping of city-to-city and urban initiatives focused on protecting people on the move along the routes of the central and western Mediterranean (MMC Research Report, April 2022) – World

MMC and UNHCR’s 2021 Roadmap for Advocacy, Policy Development and Programming highlights the importance of connecting cities across regions of origin, transit and destination as a key approach to strengthening the protection of people on the move and for more effective governance of asylum and migration along the central region. and Western Mediterranean Routes (CMR and WMR).

In order to better understand city-to-city and urban protection initiatives, this study aims to provide a broad cartography and review of municipal and urban initiatives aimed at strengthening the capacities and resources of local authorities to improve the protection of people on the move present in their territories, along the CMR and the WMR. The report identifies different types of activities implemented by the initiatives, aiming to better understand what motivates these initiatives and what determines their success.

This research report also offers recommendations for actions to be considered under the Khartoum and Rabat processes under the Joint Valletta Action Plan, the Global Compact on Refugees, UNHCR’s Cities #WithRefugees campaign and at the Africities Summit in Kisumu , in Kenya, in May 2022.

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