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The New Yorker app is available through the App Store, and digital editions of the magazine are available through Amazon Newsstand and the Nook Bookstore.

What devices support the New Yorker app?

The New Yorker app can be downloaded for free to your iPhone, iPad or iPod from the App Store. Although the app is not currently available for Android devices, Android users can read New Yorker stories via Google News.

How do I save stories in the New Yorker app?

After tapping on a story, either from the Top Stories feed in the app or the Magazine tab, select it. to safeguard icon in the upper right corner. You can then review the saved stories through the My Library tab of the New Yorker app (even when you’re offline) or across devices by visiting Please note that podcasts cannot currently be recorded from the New Yorker app.

Can I share stories from the New Yorker app via email or social media?

Yes. While the app is only available to subscribers, each individual story is shareable. The link will direct viewers to the story on our website.

How can i listen New Yorker podcasts?

Recent podcasts are available in the What’s New in Podcasts section of the app’s Top Stories feed, or by searching for “podcasts”.

Can I adjust the text size in the New Yorker app?

Yes. After opening the New Yorker app, navigate to Settings tab in the lower right corner. To select Text size, and drag the slider to adjust the text to your preferred reading size.

Are crosswords available on the app?

Yes. The latest crosswords are always available in the Crosswords section of the Top Stories feed in the app. You can also search for other puzzles: in the upper right corner of the Top Stories feed, you will notice the To look for icon, which looks like a magnifying glass. Select this icon and search for “crossword”. Once connected, the puzzle will also record your progress in the app and on the website.

If I don’t have an iOS device, how can I read The New Yorker on my phone?

Although the New Yorker app is not yet available for Android devices, Android users can read New Yorker stories via The New Yorker Website or Google News.

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Technical troubleshooting

I am a current subscriber. How can I access the articles behind the paywall in the New Yorker app?

If you are a New Yorker subscriber, you will have unlimited access to the application. Make sure to sign in on your devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) to access The New Yorker uninterrupted.

If you don’t have New Yorker account, please create one using the email address you used to subscribe. If we cannot verify that you have an active subscription based on your email address, you may need to enter your subscription account number or mailing address.

If you have purchased your subscription to The New Yorker via a third party (such as Kindle or Nook), you will not have access to the New Yorker app.

I am logged in, but I still see the paywall. What should I do?

If you keep hitting the paywall after logging in, there are a few likely explanations. You might not have a subscription, your subscription might have expired, or your account might not be linked to your subscription.

To link your subscription, please visit Settings in the New Yorker app and select Link your subscription. Or visit If you are unable to link the two, we recommend that you log into customer service to confirm that your account number and mailing address are listed correctly.

For assistance, please contact our customer service at 800-444-7570 (515-243-3273, if you are outside the United States), or send an email to [email protected]

Why isn’t the New Yorker app allowing me to stay logged in?

Please keep in mind that social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, often use their own browsers with sign-in requirements that exceed The New Yorker control. (For example, if you browse Twitter on your phone and click a New Yorker link, the article will open in Twitter’s in-app browser.) Each of these browsers has different capabilities for remembering login information (or “cookies”), which may require you to log back in. For a smoother experience, we recommend that you browse New Yorker stories in the New Yorker app or at

To see some of The New Yorker particularly interactive or visual rooms, you may need to reconnect to the New Yorker app, although this should be rare.

I’m trying to subscribe, but the system says I already have an account. How can I fix this?

You may have a duplicate account, in which case our staff will be happy to assist you. Please email [email protected] or call 800-444-7570 (515-243-3273, if you are outside the United States).

I tried to create an account but I see an error message saying that my subscription is already associated with one. What can I do?

If your subscription is already associated with an account, please log into that account. If you have trouble remembering which email address is associated with your subscription, please contact us at 800-444-7570 (or 515-243-3273, if you are outside the United States), or send an email to [email protected]

I am trying to link my subscription, but I am still being rejected. What can I do?

Make sure you’re signed in and the address you entered is the exact address associated with your subscription. If you have an address in Canada, be sure to enter your postal code without spaces.

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