Fem’s advertisement for Dabur Karva Chauth has met with mixed reactions on the internet. here’s why


Dabur Karva Chauth Advertisement: Women are seen face to face with a sieve.

New Delhi:

An advertisement showing a same-sex couple celebrating the Karva Chauth festival launched by consumer goods major Dabur for their product Fem Creme Javel has received mixed reactions on social media.

The ad shows two young women happily preparing for their first Karva Chauth, as one applies bleach to the other’s face.

The two women discuss the importance of the holiday and the reason for celebrating it. Another woman joins the two and gives each of them a sari to wear for the night.


The two women are preparing for their first Karva Chauth.

Next, the women are seen face to face with a sieve and a plate decorated with water in front of them, signaling that they are partners, after which the Fem logo appears on the screen and the voiceover says, “shine of pride “.

In a week that saw two major ad controversies, the Dabur ad drew mixed reactions.

While some social media users appreciated the advertisement for its inclusiveness and progressive portrayal of marriage, others said the advertisement targeted the Hindu festival and hurt religious feelings. Some have also linked the ad to the hype created on fair skin.

“Well done, Fem / Dabur! A beautiful film for a traditional festival, often criticized by an otherwise conservative brand,” wrote one Internet user enjoying the publicity.

“It’s great to see that inclusive advertisements can only be done with Hindu festivals and traditions because Hinduism does not discriminate and accepts everything,” said another.

One user angry with the ad said, “Why doesn’t Dabur or anyone have similar ads for Christmas or E! D or some other festival?” Why target Hindu festivals every time? My religion and my festivals are not a platform for social media. Please leave them alone … “

Earlier this week, clothing brand Fabindia was forced to withdraw its advertising for the clothing collection – “Jashn-e-Riwaaz” – after senior BJP executives criticized the brand and accused it of “degrading Diwali by linking the festival to an Urdu term.

Actor Aamir Khan, who appeared in a Tire major Ceat Ltd commercial advising people not to burn crackers on the roads as they can damage vehicles, also faced serious backlash on social media with BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde writing to CEO of Ceat asking the company to also address the “road blockage problem on behalf of Namaz and the noise emitted by mosques during Azan”.

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