Deeply committed to OE Automotive & Smart City OMO business

TAIPEI, August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The FIC Group was founded in 1979 and was once the High Taiwan computer brand in the world. With 43 years of experience in design manufacturing, he has a great influence on the computer industry in Taiwan and abroad.

Since the global industry has entered into a whole new digital era of technology, FIC is well aware that the future business of the group must move towards the new direction of green businesses OMO (Online Merge Offline). It believes that through innovative technology application, it can provide people with a comfortable and convenient life, thus improving the competitiveness of Taiwan industry and become a sustainable development company.

Mr. Leo Dogthe managing director of FICG (3701.TW), said that when he realized the arrival of the age of technology, he led the group to transform, began to arrange and conduct extensive research on new markets and has been deeply committed to the design, manufacture of OE automotive electronics and focus on intelligent energy management and Smart City business.

In fact, FIC group had never officially announced any new business directions in past years, the market still consider FIC to be a laptop and MB brand for years, but no one knows that FIC has already transformed its activities since 2011.

Today, FIC Group officially announces the change of the new corporate image in the market, which means that FIC is firmly entering a new era and a new direction, leading a new business journey with partners.

The brand new logo design concept was inspired by the spiritual elements, concepts and heritage of the group’s corporate cultures. Use the lowercase letter “fic” to express the meaning of friendliness, user-friendly and related to the young digital age. The “Cyan” color in the logo represents the OE automotive electronics design manufacturing business; “Seaform Green”, as an auxiliary color, represents activities related to the Smart City; symbolizing FIC standing out in the market and providing a whole new lifestyle in Smart City and OMO automobile metaverse.

SOURCEFirst International Computer, Inc.

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