Creative studio expands and invests in Enniskillen’s high street

A Fermanagh-based creative studio has invested in buying and fitting out new office space in Enniskillen town center and opened a new ground floor café quay, creating four new jobs with support of the Ulster Bank.

SugarProjects has taken up residence in the former premises of the Fermanagh Herald, a two-storey property on Belmore Street in the city that has been vacant for seven years.

The move comes as the studio, founded by creative director and designer Ronan Cassidy, prepares to celebrate its 10th year in business.

As part of the investment, SugarProjects also launched White Rabbit, a new street-level café pier specializing in takeout.

Located on the ground floor of the new premises, White Rabbit aims to rejuvenate the local shopping street. Meanwhile, SugarProjects will operate from offices above in an effort to attract businesses downtown.

“We wanted to be part of the city community,” Ronan explained.

“For most of our history we have operated from out of town offices which has served us well, but now is the time to invest for the future. As part of this investment, we want to be a contributing partner to the local business community and create an inspiring and creative environment to attract and retain talent.

“Our new office space, acquired with the help of Ulster Bank, gives us the space to establish a truly collaborative environment, with meeting rooms, breakout space and the flexibility to adapt the space in the future to accommodate future growth.”

Commenting on the creative industries within the region and the need to invest more locally, he continued: “We have a wealth of creative talent in the Fermanagh region. We invest in our offices, people and corporate culture to demonstrate to potential clients and future hires that as a creative studio we can compete with city-based agencies.

According to Ulster Bank Business Development Manager Peter O’Hara, the opening of White Rabbit demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit prevalent in the region.

He added: ‘It is a hugely positive development that business owners like Ronan are investing in the high street, bringing their business and people back to the city centers and with them a renewed enthusiasm for what our high streets can become.

“Although the coffee business was added late to the plans for the new premises, it is a clear demonstration of the entrepreneurial spirit that we are proud to support at Ulster Bank.

“This is a strategically important investment for SugarProjects and Enniskillen as it represents a commitment to job creation here and now through White Rabbit with the ability to recruit more from within the creative studio.”

Founded in 2013, SugarProjects specializes in graphic design, website design and development, logo design and brand identity, social media campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation and digital marketing.

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Ulster Bank business development director Peter O’Hara pictured with SugarProjects creative director and designer Ronan Cassidy

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