Bluewater District School Board extends deadline for students to participate in census

The board census was launched earlier this year in an effort to better understand the needs of students and their families

Bluewater District School Board students have more time to participate in the student demographic census.

The board census was launched earlier this year in an effort to better understand the needs of students and their families. This week, the board announced that the deadline for student participation had been extended until May 13, 2022.

Under the theme “Your voice matters”, students from kindergarten to grade 12 were invited to participate in a voluntary questionnaire. The results will help inform the work the board is currently doing in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusive education by enabling the board to: better understand student populations and school communities; identify and remove barriers to student success, inclusion and well-being; and establish effective programs and reallocate resources to where they are most needed.

Although student participation is voluntary, the board strongly encourages students and families to get involved. The higher the completion rate, the more complete and reliable the information will be for school improvement and program planning.

A dedicated webpage has been developed to provide information and answers to common questions.

To promote the census to students, the Bluewater District School Board held a logo and slogan contest last fall open to all students in grades 4 through 12. Following a deliberative process, which included nearly 70 entries, the judges selected the logo submitted by Peninsula Shores District School Grade 11 student Molly Solomon and Emerson Lantz’s slogan, 5th grade student at Egremont Community School.

Molly’s logo depicts simple figures, with each figure displaying the same heart.

“When I created my logo, I wanted it to be simple but have a big impact. I wanted everyone to know that even with different skin colors, cultures and disabilities, we are all equal,” said Molly. “I’m Indigenous and I love to express my feelings through my art. I believe everyone is equal, regardless of the differences on the outside.

“Your voice matters! Emerson’s slogan reflects the Bluewater District School Board’s strategic priority of community engagement, which includes actively seeking student and family input on issues of achievement and well-being.

“I was interested in entering the 2022 Census Logo and Slogan Contest because I’ve always cared about equality, whether it’s Black Lives Matter (or) women’s rights, and c that’s what it’s all about,” Emerson said. “I hope my slogan inspires people to encourage equality throughout the Bluewater District School Board!” »

Council officials said the information gathered by the census will be important for future decision-making.

“Our census will allow all Bluewater students and families to lend their voice to our vitally important work around equity, diversity and inclusiveness in our schools,” said the superintendent of the Education Keith Lefebvre. “The information we gather will be essential to better align our decisions and focus with the priorities of our strategic plan of a safe and supportive learning community that works together to support well-being and promotes strengths, contributions and the overall health of students and staff. »

The Bluewater District School Board is the public school board for Gray and Bruce counties, including the Blue Mountains and Gray Highlands.

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