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Quick list of the best Asus mice

Asus is totally one of the most amazing mouse brands for gaming. While other brands make remote gaming mice that have often failed behind their link partners, this year’s gaming company Asus seems to have found the code for a reliable, low-lag remote mouse. Currently entering its third cycle, it is now a legacy mouse line. In addition to RGB text, there are rectangular engravings that add a touch of surface to hold, but they are mostly tasteful.

The Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand manufactures reliable and beneficial devices for real gamers and their latest mouse. Asus, and especially its ROG desktop company, know this very well. Asus seems to have quietly become one of the leading makers of remote mice. The switches under the left and right mouse buttons are also fascinating: they are ROG-designed hardware switches incorporating a quieter Japanese Omron. While the details aren’t critical, having the ability to open the mouse and tweak its parts is useful and appealing.

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The ASUS ROG Spatha X is a wireless mouse that has a distinctive gamer aesthetic, with a matte black plastic body that has sharp angular lines and multiple bright RGB lighting zones. It has a right-handed shape with thumb and little finger support, a six-button shoulder button cluster, and two additional buttons mounted to the left side of the left click button.

It connects either wired with its charging cable, or wirelessly with its charging base, which also acts as a receiver. In terms of performance, it has very low click latency, a constant sensor, and can adjust the CPI in 50x increments over a wide range. It also has a low launch distance, but not as low as some gaming mice.

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ASUS ROG Chakram

The lid under the palm of the hand opens easily, but never came off unexpectedly mid-use. The interior is one of the best possible storage locations for a wireless receiver. There’s even a little arrow on its sleeve, so you never have to wonder which way to insert the Chakram dongle.

The Asus ROG Chakram has a lot going for it on the outside, but at its heart is an optical sensor that peaks at 16,000 CPI with a maximum speed and acceleration of 450 IPS and 40G, respectively. That’s on par with the cheaper Roccat Kain 200 Aimo sensor, which can hit 16,000 CPI, 400 IPS, and 40G.

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ASUS RGB Optical Gaming Mouse – TUF M3

Enjoy your favorite titles with the ASUS TUF M3 Wired Gaming Mouse. With a 200-7000 dpi optical sensor, this mouse is built for responsive performance. A 1000Hz polling rate rounds out this feature, while seven programmable buttons give users personalized control.

The mouse’s lightweight and ergonomic shape goes hand in hand with the Teflon feet on the base, providing smooth movement. Aura Sync RGB lighting lets you match lighting effects to other gear, and you can also configure the mouse using Armory II software.

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The ASUS ROG Keris Wireless Gaming Mouse comes in red and black packaging. On the front you will also see the product image and logos. On the sides you will find technical information on the material and composition of the product. Looking at the back, you have a diagram of the product showing the different parts.

The mouse contains the main left and right buttons, a scroll wheel with a scroll button and two shoulder buttons. On the left and right buttons, it comes with a snap-on switch socket design, allowing you to change switches. Additionally, there is a PBT that provides a non-slip surface.

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ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin

The Gladius II Origin is almost identical to the original Gladius II. It is a right-handed mouse with an asymmetrical hourglass shape. Its matte gray panels, with black handles and buttons, create a contrasting canvas with plenty of customizable RGB lighting on the base, palm and scroll wheel. It’s flashy, but not in a fun or distracting way.

The Gladius II Origin has six buttons: four at the top (left click, right click, scroll wheel click, and a discreet button in the center just below the scroll wheel) and two buttons on the left side, near the bottom of the left-click on the panel. The left side is where the action is (and isn’t). The DPI adjustment button, often called the “sniper mode” button, has disappeared…

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ASUS Optical Gaming Mouse – ROG Pugio

ROG Pugio will be the centerpiece of your battle station. With a premium metallic gray finish, underside engravings, Mayan-inspired rubberized side panels for a secure and comfortable grip, and angular ASUS Aura RGB light channels, the Pugio is an impressive weapon from any angle.

Every hit is critical. At the heart of ROG Pugio is an optical sensor that gives you the accuracy and precision needed to defeat the opponent. ROG Pugio features the intuitive ROG Armory software that lets you tweak settings to suit your style.

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ASUS Portable Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse – ROG Strix Carry

ASUS ROG Strix Carry got carried away and it’s not the top of the range but the very good Pixart PMW3330 optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 7200 DPI and proven Omron switches that you can replace yourself. Includes 2 pairs. The mouse works via a 2.4 GHz radio channel or via Bluetooth.

The mouse was mainly used with a laptop, when the mouse is close to the receiver/transmitter. The company mentions Smart Hop technology, which analyzes load and interference in the 2.4 GHz frequency range and automatically selects the freest channel. There was no problem with the stability of communication. There is no tangible delay.

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ASUS Gaming Right Ergonomic Mouse

The ASUS Gladius Optical Gaming Mouse features a 6400 DPI optical sensor, 200 IPS tracking speed, and 2-level DPI side buttons for maximum precision. Ideal for FPS games, preferred by professional gamers! This ergonomic gaming mouse comes with a separate button layout for faster response and maximum tactile satisfaction.

The sides of the gaming mouse are secured with a non-slip rubber grip in a sleek Mayan-inspired design. Alps encoder scroll wheel for crisp responsiveness, snap-in mouse button design for easy switch replacement, 6 programmable buttons, detachable micro-USB wired mouse for flexibility on the go.

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ASUS ROG Strix Impact II

The ROG Strix Impact II Wireless weighs around 95g without holes. It also has a semi-translucent plastic body designed to reduce the mice’s overall weight without sacrificing structural integrity. The wireless ROG Strix Impact II performs well.

Although there are sudden spikes in frequency (reporting rate), most of the time they are constant. The mouse wheel is smooth and doesn’t creak, but it has less tactile feedback. Additionally, the side mouse buttons are easy to press, tactile, and well placed.

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ASUS RGB Laser Gaming Mouse – ROG Spatha

The Asus ROG Spatha uses a really complete package that would certainly suit any type of gamer. If you want the best in PC gaming peripherals, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this level of quality anywhere else. The ASUS ROG Spatha is a truly one-of-a-kind MMO gaming mouse.

It has a matte black design, with 3 RGB zones on its wheel, a logo, as well as side switches. It’s quite bulky and has huge side knobs and sharp corners. The ASUS ROG Spatha is a rugged gaming mouse. There is no weight optimization other than using cordless, which eliminates the weight of the cable.

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Final Words: The Best Asus Mouse

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