Beast Burger opening in Hull’s Trinity Market offering Biscoff and Peanut Butter twists

An exciting new burger joint with a famous reputation is coming to Trinity Market next month.

Beast Burger finally arrives on deck and takes Hull by storm, having made its mark on Grimsby with delicious stacked burgers, loaded fries and chicken wings. Owners Dan, Nickee and Kyle feel Trinity Market is a perfect fit for them, as they originally found success in a similar setting – Freeman Street Market in Grimsby.

They are currently doing final checks on the equipment and settling the rental agreement, with plans to open in July. The trio hope to win over the people of Hull and prove that they can compete with other sellers in the market.

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Beast Burger is often compared to Hull’s favorite Dope Burger, with many wrangling over which joint takes the top spot for the area’s best burger. However, owner Dan doesn’t let the competition make him sweat.

He said: “We know Dope Burger and their fanbase and we know they are very good at what they do. However, we are also good at what we do. We are 100% respectful of other suppliers. and accept the competition. We are not afraid anyway.”

The famous “Beast Burger” recommended by Nickee

For people who haven’t ordered from Beast Burger yet, the owners recommended what to try first. Dan continued, “My wife, Nickee, says if you’ve never eaten our burgers before, you should start with our must-have ‘Beast Burger’.

“It’s a great starter burger with two patties, bacon, cheese, pickles, onion and Beast Burger sauce. My favorite is the BBC, which has four patties, bacon and cheese.”

The menu goes well beyond that, however, and even features some pretty bizarre combinations, like a Biscoff Burger and a Peanut Butter Chilli Time Burger. They also share boxes, wings, nuggets, and loaded fries, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll leave hungry.

Just a few of the burgers offered at Beast Burger
Just a few of the burgers offered at Beast Burger

The Beast Burger brand has been “flying”, according to the owners, since its debut in recent years. Their iconic logo of a colorful gorilla eating a burger is recognized by most locals.

Dan said: “The original logo design was drawn by my tattoo artist and I was thrilled with it. I think outside of our product, the brand has really helped us succeed because it’s strong and in your face, just like our food.”

If you fancy trying a Beast Burger, you won’t have to wait long. Keep an eye out for their sign at Trinity Market and expect them to be open next month.

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