Adapdix Launches Industry 5.0 Autonomous Manufacturing with EdgeOps ™, the First Hybrid Cloud Platform with DataMesh Technology

Built on Adaptix DataMesh technology, EdgeOps Evolves the Way Humans Interact with Machines and process, delivering operational efficiency and cost savings

PLEASANTON, California, December 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Adaptix Company, the industry leader in autonomous systems, announces Adaptix EdgeOpsâ„¢, a software platform that combines stand-alone control with distributed DataMesh technology to enable stand-alone manufacturing. It offers high performance, substantial operational efficiency and cost savings for manufacturing companies.

“What’s different with EdgeOps is that we are pioneers of stand-alone systems that make the business adaptive, enabling equipment self-correction and optimization in real time. With DataMesh technology at the heart of our platform, we help businesses discover, understand and recognize value from the data they are already generating, ”said Antoine Colline, founder and CEO of Adaptix. “The customers we focus on – precision manufacturing and other industrial sectors – generate large amounts of data at the edge. Manufacturing applications are particularly difficult because they require distributed data management and analysis that delivers information in milliseconds. Additionally, EdgeOps provides our customers with the ability to scale enterprise-level equipment stand-alone applications, delivering value never before realized. Ultimately, this approach helps customers execute their hybrid cloud strategy.

Over the past decade, manufacturers have embarked on a journey commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. While some have recognized the gains of their efforts, many are stuck in “Pilot Purgatory”. Edge-to-Cloud integration, remote connectivity, and autonomous manufacturing are more than conceptual. These technological innovations are already upon us, and recent disruptions such as the global chip shortage, supply chain delays, workforce issues and COVID-19 have accelerated many of these dimensions. Today, manufacturers must ask themselves what the next step is. How can they meet their endless productivity goals and launch their facilities into the next industrial revolution – Industry 5.0 – where humans and machines seamlessly interact to optimize their operations?

“The recent disruptions have also served as a catalyst for innovation, growth and business transformations,” said Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide AI and Automation Research at IDC. “Combined with the ever-increasing volume and complexity of data generated at the edge, operational leaders are looking for hybrid cloud solutions that can deliver real-time business value while intelligently managing data at both edge endpoints. and cloud. By integrating technology from the recently acquired Edge Intelligence into the EdgeOps platform, Adapdix now provides hybrid cloud software designed to run AI / ML at the edge, combined with a next-generation distributed data management system enabling customers to keep data where it is generated, but to query and analyze that data on a global scale. “

Heralding this vision for Industry 5.0, EdgeOps’ modern containerized architecture captures, stores, analyzes and synchronizes data, delivering machine intelligence and autonomous control of advanced manufacturing environments, all within milliseconds. EdgeOps improves latency, security, privacy, and costs, bringing apps to your data instead of forcing you to move your data to the app. Leveraging the power of our DataMesh to merge data of all types, EdgeOps bridges any data silos that may exist by linking events between multiple sources. This improves application performance, data quality, and contextualization, which form the basis for controlling autonomous systems.

The normative optimization and autonomous control provided by EdgeOps have resulted in a rapid and sustained return on investment. For example, customers have measured a 45% reduction in equipment maintenance costs, 50% reduced downtime, and a 20% increase in throughput. Adaptix software is used by customers in various industry verticals, including major semiconductor manufacturers, to improve operational performance.

While some talk about data convergence, Adaptix enables true stand-alone control and hybrid cloud data management. Get started in days and see payback in weeks. That’s the Adaptix difference. Visit to break free from “Pilot Purgatory” and begin your journey to Industry 5.0.

About Adaptix
Adaptix provides an innovative software platform that enables stand-alone systems for businesses. The company’s customer-centric EdgeOps platform, powered by its DataMesh technology, increases equipment availability, lowers supply chain and logistics costs, and enables stand-alone operations. Founded in 2015, Adapdix is ​​based in Pleasanton, California – see


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