7 times Ferrari has sued its own fans


Because old Ferraris’ wiring diagrams are difficult to understand if you can find them, and Ferrari is not interested in providing new ones, an enthusiast started making and selling their own diagrams. Among other things, he registered FerrariWiring.com and FerrariDiagrams.com and, after some time, received a cease and desist letter from Ferrari. The owner published part of the letter he received and said Ferrari wanted him to hand over the estates:

“In addition, we have verified that you are actively using the above domain name by posting on the home page and on the corresponding web pages the brands of Ferrari SpA, the distinctive signs including the Prancing Horse Scudetto, and Ferrari diagrams […] We have also verified that in each drawing the name Ferrari appears in the characteristic lettering, which is also protected as a trademark.

Overall, that’s fair enough from Ferrari, except it seemed like they were claiming the diagrams as trademarks. It looks like either that was a step too far or the website owner arranged it with Ferrari as the site still exists and those URLs redirect to it, but all branded material is gone. At the bottom of the website it is now clearly stated that “This domain has no association with Ferrari SpA”


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