5 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Podcast on Anchor

Podcasting is a way to chat with friends across the country, start a new creative endeavor, and maybe earn a side income in the process. There may be a lot of podcasts out there, but that shouldn’t stop you from participating. And Anchor is the perfect place to do it.

Here’s why you should consider hosting your podcast on this popular platform.

What is the anchor?

Anchor is a podcast hosting platform; think of it as the only site you need to upload your podcast to in order to make it appear on Spotify, Pocket Casts, Apple Music, etc. Updating your episode description here will update it on all other platforms your podcast appears on.

Anchor offers several other great features for podcasters, such as in-depth analytics, sponsorship with no minimum listening, and a website for your podcast and all other related social media links. Anchor also makes checking in with friends as easy as possible within the app.

And of course, Anchor is free to use.

Why should you host your podcast on Anchor

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Anchor said that in 2020 alone, over a million podcasters started their journey using the platform.

Anchor makes starting your own podcast as easy as possible. Its easy-to-use podcasting tools give you the freedom to create the type of show you want and make you feel like a professional podcaster after just a few episodes. Here are all the reasons why you should host your podcast on Anchor.


anchor sponsorship money tab dashboard ad read

While we don’t start podcasts just to make money, it’s incredibly exciting to see a few pennies add up from your initial podcast listens. What sponsor do you get? Well, of course, it’s Anchor itself; it’s a win-win situation.

For Anchor, it lets everyone listening know that this podcast was uploaded using Anchor, the easiest way to create a podcast. Sponsorship also makes new podcasters feel like professionals by allowing them to read an ad.

Anchor lets you be as creative as you want when recording the announcement. The only stipulation is the mandatory call to action, which tells listeners to go download the Anchor app or go to the Anchor site to get started.

The RPM you get, or Revenue Per Mille, is $15; since Anchor gets a cut of that, your RPM is $10.50. Anchor lets you easily view how much money your podcast has made on the desktop site or mobile app. To cash in, podcasts must reach at least $10 in revenue.

2. Easy-to-use project management

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Anchor is incredibly user-friendly and at the same time has dozens of settings to customize your podcast experience.

It supports multiple audio files, such as WAV and MP3, but only allows a maximum file size of 250MB. While uploading, you can edit title, description, tick a box if your episode is clean or explicit, as well as uploading a custom thumbnail for that episode; you can also use your podcast logo as the default thumbnail for each episode.

Anchor also supports adding links to your description. This is great for adding sources for things mentioned in the episode, as well as linking to all your other social media profiles. This will sync with all other platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Pocket Casts where all links will remain clickable and your formatting will remain the same.

Another really nice little feature to have is the option to display or not display the Anchor logo on your episode thumbnail. Anchor could easily make it a premium feature that users would have to pay to remove, but instead lets you show it or not with the flick of a switch. Some podcasters may find it looks professional and goes well with their cover art and may choose to show it off, while others may not.

3. Anchor gives your podcast a website

A very good part of hosting your podcast on Anchor is that it gives your podcast a website to live on. Other podcasters may choose to build their own website using something like WordPress or Squarespace, but Anchor eliminates all the time and money needed to do so.

You can customize the website theme with any color you like, add a description of what new listeners can expect in each episode, and add your associated social media profiles. Anchor is also automatically linked to any other platforms your podcast appears on, so listeners can use any of their favorite apps.

The site also has three large buttons at the top for listening to Spotify, supporting the podcast, and leaving a voicemail. The voicemail feature is a great way to increase interaction with your listeners, as it’s more personal than leaving a typed message, although that’s also an option. Anchor is also a way for listeners to donate, so you don’t have to rely solely on ad revenue.

4. Built-in earphone support

listener podcast support page make a monthly contribution

Want to make more money from your podcast without having to depend on ad revenue? Anchor has you covered there as well.

Instead of having to create a separate Patreon account for your podcast, listeners can donate directly on your Anchor site. Anchor is also automatically linked to where listeners can pick up the podcast at the bottom of each episode without you needing to do anything.

Anchor gives listeners the option to donate $0.99, $4.99, or $9.99 per month. Listeners can rescind future contributions.

5. Analytics

audience demographics devices and apps countries

Analytics are a great way to understand who listens to your podcast and tailor your style and content to your listeners. Knowing these demographics is also useful for accepting relevant referrals for your listeners.

The analytics tab shows you how your podcast is performing, either by week, month, 3 months or all time, showing how many plays you got on specific days. Seeing these trends shows how you are improving over time and what may need more improvement.

Anchor also features your top five episodes, which is great for understanding what your listeners are most interested in. Other analytics include your listeners’ countries of origin, the podcast platform they use the most, their age, and their gender.

While other podcast hosting platforms may allow you to view more in-depth analytics, Anchor does a fantastic job of showcasing the most important audience demographics in the easiest and most engaging way possible. .

Should you host your podcast on Anchor?

If you’re just beginning your podcast journey, Anchor is a great place to start. It has all the features you need without being overwhelming. There are more advanced podcast hosting programs, such as Buzzsprout, that have features to enhance your audio files, deeper analytics, and transcription tools, but it’s not entirely free.

Along your podcast journey, you’ll discover the features you’d like to have, and paying for a more advanced podcast hosting platform may be well worth it. But for now, stick with a free hosting platform like Anchor.

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