4 reasons why you don’t need to buy a better graphics tablet yet

A graphics tablet is one of the main essentials for any digital artist. And while many of the best digital artwork can be produced using almost any type of graphics tablet, many get carried away by the idea that a better device instantly leads to better results.

However, if you are only considering buying a better graphics tablet because you’ve seen your favorite digital painter use one, here are four reasons why you should probably reconsider your decision.

What is a good graphics tablet in the first place?

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While beginners can create digital art using nothing more than a mouse, having a stylus in your fingers and using your graphics tablet to get even the finest details takes comfort to the next level. Therefore, the graphics tablet becomes one of the first products any newbie digital artist orders to start with, and it remains their best friend until they decide to use a better one.

So, before you dig anything else regarding better features, you’ll need to have your device first to compare. Therefore, before we define what is “best” when it comes to graphics tablets, let’s first establish what a good model is.

First of all, it is important to know that there is no single standard device. The best graphics tablet is the one that best suits you and your needs.

So what does a graphics tablet look like that makes you feel good? There is a long discussion here, depending on your focus and the area of ​​digital art you will specialize in; logo design, digital painting, travel work, and study are just a few examples.


But overall, a good graphics tablet should have a fairly large drawing area, a pressure sensitivity sensor, a responsive surface, and a physical size to suit your personal needs.

Why you don’t need to buy a better graphics tablet yet

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Okay, so we briefly touched on what defines a good graphics tablet. Now, we can move on to the main reasons why you don’t need to buy a better one just yet.

Below, you’ll find the top four reasons why you don’t need a new graphics tablet yet.

1. It might not be better than your current tablet

Especially for newbies, it’s easy to get tricked by ad campaigns promising that their new graphics tablet model will completely change your drawing experience and dramatically improve your end results. And while that may be partially true, you should know that you still might not know everything your own tablet can already do.

While some specs may look better in other products, you decide you don’t actually need them. Alternatively, you may be able to achieve the same result with your own tablet if you install and learn to use particular software. However, you will only find out if you get the most out of your current tablet.

2. A “better” graphics tablet does not equal better results

This cannot be stressed enough: work on your skills first and make sure you develop your knowledge before anything else. Having a better performing graphics tablet doesn’t guarantee that your drawings will also look more professional until you learn how to make the most of all the features available on a regular tablet.

Experienced and skilled artists can achieve great results even with a relatively inexpensive tablet. At the same time, if you put the most capable graphics tablet in the hands of an inexperienced person, it will still draw the same lines that it could draw on any other classic model. Having access to superior technology does not mean knowing how to use it. First hone your skills.

3. Graphics tablets are expensive

Another reason you are reconsidering your investment in what appears to be a better graphics tablet is the higher price tag. Graphics tablets touted as better are usually more expensive, and you might not want to pay a premium price yet, until you are sure you really need improved specs.

The best thing you can do is take your time to make up your mind and shop around until you find something that meets your needs.

4. You may not know what you want

You can’t get anything better if you haven’t clearly defined “better” in your mind. Get enough experience to identify your expectations for a better graphics tablet and the limitations of the one you are currently using. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you are buying something that seems to be better but is of no use to your personal goals.

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How do you know if a tablet is better than the one you have?

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First of all, you need to get to know your tablet. After that, understanding the model you want to buy is crucial. Then you need to think about what you need and how the desired new graphics tablet will fit into it.

You can’t make valid comparisons without knowing the two products well. It’s crucial to examine the limitations of your existing graphics tablet before you compare the possibilities (and limitations) that your new device might offer. If your new graphics tablet has fewer limitations than your old one, you can safely say that it is “better”.

It is also important to consider the context in which you will be using it. If you travel a lot, you will probably need a more compact graphics tablet. If you need a high level of precision for your digital painting or other designs, a higher level of pressure sensitivity or a larger active area will mean better.

Take your time when upgrading your graphics tablet

Use your current graphics tablet until you reach the experience level where you know exactly what you can and cannot accomplish with it. When you start to run into several drawbacks and situations where the quality of your results is limited by the specs of your current tablet, this is when you should start looking for tablets that might fix these issues and consider doing this. buy a better one.

When it’s time to upgrade, take the time to research a wide selection of different tablets on the market. This way you can make a better decision.

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