4 Logo Design Trends – and 3 Key Considerations for Your Business Logo

Logo design is influenced by changing trends and fashions, so the idea of ​​a truly timeless logo is a bit misleading.

If you want to learn more about the movements shaping logo design right now and how your business can benefit from them, read on for the full overview.

Use custom magnets on your cars

The value of building a real-world brand is often underestimated today, but there’s a lot to be said for creating a logo that stands out when taped to the side of your fleet. of vehicles.

It’s there that vinyl logo stickers are practical, as they not only have an impact as long as the logo is designed for long-distance readability, but they also have the advantage of being affixed via magnets rather than adhesive. This makes them easy to remove when not needed, so a personal car can become a branded vehicle in an instant, and vice versa.

Take advantage of typography

Many companies have logos that contain nothing more than the brand name, with typographical choice do all the heavy lifting.

This often means exploiting a unique or heavily modified typeface so that it doesn’t look like a generic out-of-the-box option. It helps the logo to match brand identityand reinforces recognition with potential customers.

Choose corporate colors

Bright colors make the logo stand out, and the hues you choose should align with the palette used in your branding.

So the colors used in a logo should not only work in this context, but also elsewhere, whether on product packaging, social media posts, company website, etc.

Embrace simplicity

Some well-known logos can be intricate and intricate, but the trend towards simplification is much more prominent today because simple logos are more memorable and affect instantly.

Basic geometric shapes, if combined and colored in the right way, tick all the boxes in this regard. Just look at the biggest companies in the world, from Microsoft and Google to Walmart and beyond, and you’ll see how widespread this is.

Understand what your business wants from a logo

There are many things to consider when designing a logo for your business, such as:

Your brand personality and business ethics

If there is a disconnect between how your logo is designed and what your brand identity is meant to be, it will be immediately apparent, even to the casual observer.

This should generally match your industry and how you present yourself in other settings. You don’t want a super-sleek, ultra-modern logo if you’re selling retro-inspired furniture, for example.

Your target audience

In addition to considering your brand personality, you need to create a logo with your customers in mind. Search what they expect of the brands they are most interested in is handy, as it lets you know if your own logo will meet or overturn their preconceptions.

Your online presence

One thing that is true for all businesses today is that having an online presence is a must, which means creating a social media-friendly logo should be a priority.

This might be the most important consideration in modern logo design, so check out the platforms you use to connect with customers to see what will look best in the required format.

Final Thoughts

Logo design is not something to be taken lightly, so the more you think about it, the more successfully a logo will serve your brand’s goals.

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