2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup logo shapes Indigenous design


The FIFA Women’s World Cup will travel to Australia and Aotearoa in 2023, with the two indigenous cultures influencing the logo.

FIFA described the logo as having “the vibrant local landscapes and rich colors of the two hosts”.

The logo is a “radial pattern featuring 32 colored squares – celebrating the new expansion in 32 participating countries, and an element commonly seen in the indigenous cultures of Australia and New Zealand – is an important part of the design.”

Proud Kalkadoon Woman and contemporary Indigenous artist, Chern’ee Sutton, is the talent behind Australian design.

Chern’ee Sutton with her works of art. Photo provided.

Sutton spoke about her design to the National Indigenous Times, saying the most important characteristic she wanted to highlight in her painting was that everyone came together.

“From all countries and from all walks of life, teams and players, spectators and supporters from near and far are all part of such a special event and showcase our nation and our culture,” he said. she declared.

Sutton explained the story behind its design, with a community gathering depicted “through the great symbol of community at the center of the artwork.”

“The smaller yellow community symbols and travel lines represent spectators and supporters who come to the game and watch from around the world. “

“The colorful dotted circles surrounded by people symbols represent the many fields and landscapes whose players come from all over the world.”

FIFA logo explained. Photo provided

“The footprints represent the journey of players and teams to Australia from the many regions and areas where they live around the world,” continued Sutton.

“The painting also represents FIFA and its values ​​creating a better future for women in the world of sport, which I represented through the sun / yellow circle.

“I also highlighted all the amazing women who will proudly compete and represent their country for victory.”

“This artwork showcases and represents the First Nations people of Australia, which is really special.”

The tournament’s slogan is “Beyond Greatness”, with FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura saying “Women’s football continues to grow and beyond to greatness.”

“The new slogan perfectly captures where FIFA wants to bring women’s football into the hearts and minds of football fans around the world – Beyond Greatness.”

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held from July 20 to August 20, 2023.

By Teisha Cloos

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