10 logo design trends in 2021



Logo trends change with each passing year. While the start of this new decade is far from what we expected, brands need a solid facade more than ever. The following guide to the 10 best logo design trends will give you an idea whether your logo design needs to be updated with current trends or not.

The minimalist design agenda continues and continues to a large extent in 2021. Designers are focusing more on how to make the design simpler and more memorable rather than adding elements and making it more complicated. A simple, straightforward design is easier to grasp and stays in mind longer after just one glance.

The following designs are the top 10 logo design trends for 2021:

1. Perspective illustrations

As noted above, designers go for a simple and minimalist approach to their designs. In this way, the design remains decent and effectively conveys the brand’s message and identity to the audience. Therefore, flat designs have been popular and widely used for quite some time.

However, designers are starting to notice an oversimplification of logo designs in the name of “minimalist” designs, which ultimately takes away the essence of the brand itself. Logo designers began to incorporate perspective angles into their designs. Perspective angles give the design some depth, making it look like an illusion without making the design look too complicated. Designers struck a balance between overly simplified and overly complicated designs. They use drawing techniques such as curvature, linear perspective, and foreshortening in their designs to make the design look like it literally jumps off the screen.

2. Logos of wordmarks

Wordmark logo design isn’t really a new concept. It has been around for a while now, but was ditched when designers and brands started looking for artwork in their logos. A wordmark is simply the name of the brand styled in a particular and artistic way.

Wordmarks are giving way to the minimalist approach to designs and have therefore made a comeback in 2021. Inventive typography plays a huge role in wordmarks and gives an artistic touch to the design. When designing wordmarks, designers are free to let their imaginations run wild and think outside the box. Hire professional custom logo design services to find creative and artistic typography techniques to make your wordmark as unique as possible. But designs should always stay within the confines of an easily understandable and recognizable logo.

3. Geometric designs

Lately, logo designers have started incorporating geometric shapes into their logo designs. Shapes are yet another approach to the minimalist concept. Just a few circles, triangles, and squares added to the designs can make the logo simple yet memorable. The different shapes, when layered, give depth to the logo design.

The simple shapes, in turn, leave room for rich, vivid and saturated colors to be included in the design, ultimately balancing the overall logo.

4. Portraits

It’s a fact that people tend to look for faces everywhere. Logo designs with illustrated faces or portraits feel more connected to the brand and make it appear personalized and distinctive.

10 logo design trends in 2021

Much like the popular KFC logo featuring the founder of KFC, Col. Sanders brings an emotional connection to the logo and the brand. Portraits can include various races, genders, traditions, cultures, and age groups that signify the brand’s message.

5. Symmetrical designs

Symmetry gives even the most intricate and intricate designs perfect balance and order. The symmetry incorporated in the logos gives a sense of stability and stability to the brand.

Previously, symmetry was only used with geometric shapes. However, logo designers have now started to use symmetry in hand drawn and illustrated logos.

6. Illustrated characters

Entertainment companies look forward to unique ready-made designs that bring a sense of comfort and satisfaction to customers. The playful characters and bold, witty illustrations are popular among the younger generation. A little humor added to the illustrations puts customers at ease and helps enhance the brand’s identity.

10 logo design trends in 2021

7. Ancient symbolism

Logo designers add symbolism in logo designs that integrate seamlessly with the brand’s message. A lamp in the dark, a rising sun, or a phoenix regenerating from its ashes all have a deep meaning hidden within them. Logo designs with such symbolism create a meaningful and emotional connection with the brand. Therefore, in 2021, logo designers are using ancient symbolism in logos to strongly convey and solidify the brand’s message.

8. Static movement

Animated logos have been popular for quite some time now. Following the trend of animated logos, designers have started to create logos that appear to be in motion when they are actually just a picture. Blurry effects, flowing shapes, splashed particles, and action lines are used to create such illusions that a still image can appear to be in motion.

This new technology is popular among technology companies. Such logos help to make the brand image innovative and creative.

9. Related color schemes

Applying the right color schemes is a crucial part of logo design. Designers learn the basics of color schemes early on. In order for a logo to be attractive to the public, the color scheme must be in harmony. The contrasting color combinations that were used in the past now seem unpleasant to the viewer.

The color scheme is the first thing a viewer would notice in a logo. Therefore, it is extremely important to define the colors well to keep the logo memorable.

10. Monograms

Monograms in logos have been around since the 19th century and are not going away anytime soon. Monograms have the power to remain memorable in the eyes of viewers, given their simple yet unique design. The most popular brands use monograms to this day, regardless of the nature of their business. Seeing the New York Yankees monogram on the caps, Chanel and Gucci’s C and G monograms, Netflix’s animated N, can be seen in all brands.

10 logo design trends in 2021

What makes the monogram different despite using the same letters is the amount of creativity put into it. Just the different typography and color schemes of the M in McDonald’s and Gmail make them completely different and just as memorable.

It’s the start of a new decade, so it’s time for your brand to make a fresh start as well. Hire professional logo design services now and update your brand logo to keep up with current trends!


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