Winkler, a city to “dream, build, live”


“Dream, build, live.” The new city banners.

This is the new slogan of the new logo and brand of the town of Winkler.

Wendy Klassen, City Communications Coordinator, and City Manager Jody Penner spearheaded the initiative to develop a new brand.

Klassen noted that it was during Mayor Martin Harder’s last state of the city address that the idea for the logo slogan came up.

As he reflected on what to say during that address to the city in February, Mayor Harder said he reflected on what community is and the values ​​people hold onto.

“I look back in the history of the last fifty years of how Winkler was built, and it’s because they had the ability to ‘dream’ about something they wanted to do. And then they had. the ability to “build it.” That’s really where the city comes in, to provide an environment that allows for expansion and allows people to build industries, and we’ve seen tremendous growth in industries. ”

Harder says that the additions over the past 10 to 15 years, like Bethel Heritage Park, Discovery Nature Sanctuary, skate park and golf course, are all part of people’s ability to “live”, to enjoy. life and raising a family in the city.

“The blue of the main logo is meant to express loyalty and trust,” said City Manager Jody Penner. “The logo itself has a lot of looks. There is a swoop, or a swoosh included in it, and we think it represents the ‘dream’ part of our brand and the fact that we are creatives in this community. . We create local solutions. And then the word ‘Winkler’ itself is in a very discreet tiny font, and we really think that represents the humility with which we seem to live in our community. “

The logo also includes the Canadian maple leaf, which Penner says represents that Winkler is part of the country and also contributes to the country.

Mayor Harder added that the “swoosh” that is part of the logo design represents that Winkler is a community of action, “and no one can take it off.”

The new brand will be used by staff and departments across the city organization.

Over the past two years, the cost of developing the new brand and purchasing new banners was approximately $ 30,000.

winkler brand new supplied oct2021Image courtesy of the City of Winkler

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